Vacation Destinations You Have To Add To Your Bucket List

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We all have destinations on our bucket list of places we want to see. Things we want to experience. However, many of these tend to be quite generic. Perhaps places you may find on the majority of people’s lists. However, many people don’t consider some of these countries as destinations to take a vacation. But many of them offer untouched beauty and splendour. Some of which are home to some of the most iconic places on the planet. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the destinations you should consider adding to your bucket list.

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One of the fourth largest countries in South America with regards to population, Peru is a destination not to be missed. Home to a good portion of the Amazon rainforest and one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. It is an iconic place and offers you a different type of vacation. Machu Picchu is one place that tends to be on many bucket lists. It is set high in the Andes Mountains. Peru is a destination that would suit a more active person. With hikes like the Inca Trail and the Sacred Valley, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to explore.


Mexico tends to be a more popular destination to visit for a vacation. With the glorious beaches of Cancun, and the historical site of Chichen Itza it can be a vacation that offers a lot. Many people opt for a lazy relaxing beach holiday here. But if you wanted to explore more of what Mexico has to offer then renting a car from places like would be ideal. This is why it has to be a destination you add to your bucket list. For the more adventurous, don’t forget the zip line at Xplor Park.


Brazil is the most populated country in South America. Host to the 2016 Rio Olympics, it is easy to see why all of a sudden Brazil is in the limelight. Of course, visiting Rio should be high on your list. The sights alone, including the Christ The Redeemer Statue on top of Mt. Corcovado, are simply breathtaking. But Brazil is also home to part of the Amazon rainforest and the stunning Iguazu Falls. However, if relaxation is top of the agenda when it comes to vacation choices, the Copacabana in Rio De Janeiro is not to be missed. Check out for more information.

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The Maldives

If not your choice for a wedding honeymoon, you must consider adding The Maldives on your bucket list for one reason only: the sea of stars. A beautiful site of glistening stars in the sky and the sea. Maldives is a stunning beach location that oozes luxuriousness. It should definitely be on your list of destinations to visit.


It is one of those places that will amaze you the moment you arrive. Mother Nature simply shows off here. From ice caves and scenic snow scenes, there’s much to see and do. Over 10,000 glaciers and 100 volcanoes make the landscape and are definitely worth seeing.
I hope this has inspired you to rethink your bucket list.

Top Four Reasons You Should Travel To London This Year

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Traveling helps to broaden your mind and experience new places. Imagine staying in the same town or city all your life, how boring is that? Whether you are taking a trip across the world or to a new city nearby, traveling is great.

The toughest part is finding a good place to visit. Bearing that in mind, I’ve come up with four top reasons why you should travel to London this year:

Loads Of Accommodation

If you’re worried about finding somewhere to stay during your travels, then don’t! Any hotel booking website will show you that London is packed full of accommodation places. There are hotels, B&B’s, hostels; you name it. Prices vary too, depending on where you stay and how far in advance you book. So, there’s something for every budget.

I think it is important to have a comfortable base to stay when you travel somewhere. It helps you feel at ease and lets you rest up after a long day of being a tourist. Plus, there are plenty of themed London hotels that are so typically British. It helps you feel immersed in the local culture and become a proper tea drinking Brit!

Big Ben, London, United Kingdom. #london #england #uk #jusztravel #travel #wanderlust #bigben
Big Ben, London, United Kingdom. #london #england #uk #jusztravel #travel #wanderlust #bigben

There’s So Much To Do

When you are looking for the perfect travel destination, you want to go somewhere that offers lots of activities. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck inside all day doing nothing, or wandering the streets aimlessly. One of the great things about this great city is that there’s so much to do in it. There are plenty of great attractions and sights in London, way too much for you to do all in one day. In fact, a lot of the attractions will take up an entire day of your trip!

To make things even better, there’s something for everyone in London. It doesn’t only offer one type of attraction. If you like walking around and visiting famous landmarks, then there’s plenty for you to enjoy. If you’re someone that prefers seeing lots of nature, then there are parks for you to walk through and take in. You also have a load of typical touristy things like museums and art galleries – it’s a city that has almost everything! With so many amazing things to do, you’ll struggle to be bored for a minute during your stay.

Enjoying a champagne while in the London Eye, London, United Kingdom. #london #england #uk #jusztravel #travel #wanderlust #londoneye
Enjoying a champagne while in the London Eye, London, United Kingdom. #london #england #uk #jusztravel #travel #wanderlust #londoneye

Public Transport Is Cheap & Easy

A huge issue when traveling is finding an affordable way of getting around. Paying for a taxi in almost any city will cost an absolute fortune. So, you’re left with the tricky task of navigating public transport. Which, in a lot of countries, can be just as expensive as a taxi ride. However, in London, the public transport is cheap and easy to use. Thanks to those cool little Oyster cards, you can get around the city by train, tram or bus. There’s no need to take loads of loose change with you; everything is contactless and quick. Plus, it’s hard to get lost because there are maps everywhere to help you out. And, a lot of the London Underground ends up looping back on itself, so you’ll always make it home.

If the public transport wasn’t good enough, there’re also other options to help you get around. You can rent a bike from one of the many bike stations in the city. Then, you can cycle around as you please and go wherever you want. There’s no denying that London has one of the best public transport systems in the world. As a result, you can get around and see all of the amazing sights and attractions with ease!

The #tube in #London #england #uk #unitedkingdom #europe #travel #jusztravel #travelporn #peoploflondon
The #tube in #London #england #uk #unitedkingdom #europe #travel #jusztravel #travelporn #peoploflondon

Delicious and Diverse Cuisine

Another standout feature of London is that there are so many places to eat. Seriously, this place is like a combination of the world’s best cuisines all packed into one place. No matter what food you like, you’ll find an amazing restaurant here. There are places with numerous Michelin stars, where food is served by some of the best chefs around. Spend an extended time in London and you can go on a culinary trip around the world.

Plus, there’s a bustling street food scene in the city these days. You’ll find loads of food trucks in markets and on street corners. Never be afraid to go and try the food from one of these trucks. Often, it’ll be the tastiest stuff you try all trip! London is great for eating, whether you want quick snacks or divine meals, it has everything covered.

If this isn’t enough to convince you that London is worth a visit, I don’t know what is! It’s a great city for a long stay, but equally as amazing for a short weekend break.

My first authentic #fishandchips #London #england #europe #unitedkingdom #uk #british #english #travel #food #omnomnom #yum
My first authentic #fishandchips #London #england #europe #unitedkingdom #uk #british #english #travel #food #omnomnom #yum

Travel Bloggers of the Month: Sydney and Shelby Vogl from This Wild Romance

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Travel bloggers of the month
Click on photo for credit

The Travel Bloggers of the Month for July are sisters from This Wild Romance. They are Sydney and Shelby Vogl.

According to Sydney, she and her sister view traveling as a mix of love and adventure.

“We look at travel as a great romance, an epic adventure. It is a romance that we have both had our entire lives,” she said. “The site isn’t cut and paste ‘Top Ten’ lists. It is passion, it is full of what we find beautiful and wild about travel.”

Their writing style can be described as “talking with our best friend.”

“We want to make our readers feel comfortable and connected,” Sydney said. “Our blog is as personal as it gets. We try to keep it real.”

For the full interview with Sydney Vogl from This Wild Romance, continue reading below.

1. Tell us something about yourself not many people know about you?

When my sister and I were little, my Swedish step-grandmother’s relatives came to visit. They were two men, probably in their early twenties (Shelby and I were in our teens). We were absolutely smitten by them! We decided right then that we would move to Sweden and find Swedish husbands. It became a running joke in our family. Who would have guessed that Shelby would have actually succeeded in that plan?



2. What is your blog called and what sets it apart from other travel blogs?

Our blog is called This Wild Romance. What sets it apart is all in the name. We look at travel as a great romance, an epic adventure. It is a romance that we have both had our entire lives. The site isn’t cut and paste ’ top ten’ lists. Its passion, its full of what we find beautiful and wild about travel.  



3. Why should people check out your travel blog?

My sister and I try to write as if we were talking to our best friend. We want to make our readers feel comfortable and connected. Our blog is as personal as it gets, we try to keep it real. 


exploring stockholm just 40 minutes away from where shelby lives with her boyfriend Gustav
Sydney exploring Stockholm just 40 minutes away from where Shelby lives with her.


4. How long have you been blogging?

We are total newbies! We only just started blogging sixth months ago, but we have been writing our entire lives.


5. Why did you decide you want to be a travel blogger?

One night, I was lying in my bed in Copenhagen, Denmark and I couldn’t sleep. I got so overwhelmed with the idea of getting a job after graduation that would have me chained to a desk. I got out my notebook and the ideas just started flowing. This was right at the tail end of my year living in Denmark, and I just knew I wanted to tell my story. I immediately called my sister and begged her to take this adventure with me, and of course being the amazing woman she is, she said yes. 



6. What is the hardest part about being a travel blogger?

For me, I think the hardest part about travel blogging is to stay motivated without recognition. With our blog being fairly new, it can be a struggle to keep putting articles out there that you have poured your heart into, only to have a few hundred people reading it. I know that sounds like a lot but believe me, in the blogosphere, its a thimbles worth.


ATV ing throughout the beautiful island of Santorini
ATV-ing throughout the beautiful island of Santorini, Greece.


7. And what is the best part about being a travel blogger?

Having a space to share my stories. A hard thing about being an avid traveller is that by the time you get home, your friends have already seen all your Instagram pictures and twitter updates that they think they’ve heard it all already. It just feel pretentious to keep starting a story with, “When I was in (insert name of awesome country)…” The site gives my sister and I a place to share our story, and our hope is to inspire others to live the life of their dreams. 



8. What are the top three things you always bring with you in your travels?

1) Headphones! Music is my life, I can’t go anywhere without it. 2) Dry Shampoo (sometimes you just can’t handle those gross hostel showers, and you can’t be walking around with greasy hair. 3) My favorite sweater. Its old, its stretched out, and its got holes in it, but no plane ride is complete without it.


9. What is the craziest thing you’ve done while traveling?

My two friends and I got drunk off of tequila, and at 5 AM we decided to walk to the pier and watch the sunset (mind you it was March in Denmark, so it was freezing out). We got there having just finished the bottle, and thought it would be a good idea to jump in the water. In March. In Denmark. At 5 AM.

shelby and me on a night out in London
Shelby and Sydney on a night out in London, England.

10. Do you have another travel blogger you get inspiration from? Who is it and what is the name of their blog? How does this person inspire you?

Absolutely! I am obsessed with finding new travel bloggers to aspire to, females especially. I’m obsessed with Brooke Saward, of World Of Wanderlust. Her blog is actually what inspired me to go after blogging.

11. Share to us your favourite travel hack?

Find a local. Always find a local! No matter how many different strings you pull, or people you have to get through. It is always so much better to get the locals perspective. They will show you way more than LonelyPlanet ever could.

12. Where was your last travel destination? Tell us all about it!

Santorini, Greece. It was absolutely incredible. So much sunshine, the most beautiful sunsets. I played in the ocean for HOURS and never got cold. I spent a whole day riding around on an ATV and enjoying the view.

13. Where are you going next? What are you most looking forward to on this trip?

In August, I plan to explore Asia. It’s always been a dream of mine to make it to Thailand, so I’m probably most excited for that. I also plan to make it to Indonesia, I hear the surfing there is incredible!

You can follow Sydney and Shelby’s adventures through their website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

All photos (except for the first one) were submitted by Sydney Vogl.


Yozakura, Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada

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With less than 40 days until my trip to Japan, I have been having Japanese food cravings so I decided to go to Yozakura, the only Japanese restaurant in Drayton Valley. Yozakura is also one of the newest restaurants in town being only a year old.

13819553_10154416797163217_1237952295_nI have been wanting to devour tempura and pork katsu so when I got to the restaurant, I knew what I had to order. I still looked at the menu when I sat down and their pork or shrimp gyoza did tempt me but I decided to stick to my plan and ordered shrimp tempura and pork katsu.

Food: The shrimp tempura was cooked to perfection. The coating was light, soft yet crispy, and super tasty. The shrimp was tender. A single order of shrimp tempura (six pieces) costs CAD$9.95. I usually don’t finish my food but this was so good I ate all of it with nothing left for take out!

Shrimp tempura

Their pork katsu is also to die for. They serve you with two slices of huge pork katsu which also comes with rice and salad on the side. They have one of the best pork katsu I ever had in my life. Yozakura‘s pork katsu costs CAD$12.95.

Pork katsu

I do not eat sushi nor sashimi so I am sorry I can’t say if they serve good sushi or sashimi.

Service: My friend, Sayuri, served me. All of the staff of Yozakura is friendly and I am not saying that because my friend works there. Everyone that works there actually makes their guests feel welcomed.

Ambience: The restaurant’s facade is not much but it looks pretty decent inside. They have fake cherry blossom and other Japanese ornaments as decor which makes you feel like you are transported from small town Drayton Valley to Japan.

13735364_10154416797213217_1049438428_nWould I recommend you to check out Yozakura? Absolutely! I would even say that Yozakura is the best restaurant in Drayton Valley. A lot of people would say White Bull Cafe is the best restaurant in Drayton Valley but for me it is Yozakura. That is just a personal choice and to be fair, we cannot really compare an American diner-type restaurant (White Bull Cafe) from a Japanese restaurant (Yozakura). I do like White Bull Cafe a lot, too! In fact, it is my second favourite restaurant in town.

Location: 5120 52 Avenue Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada T7A 1R6

Contact info: (780) 542-4641

Hours: M-Sat: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Euphoria Cafe, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Euphoria Cafe in Calgary

One of my closest friends in Calgary invited me to go for brunch at Euphoria Cafe. We were actually supposed to go hiking that morning but there was a severe thunderstorm watch in Calgary and area so we decided to just chill at a cafe and catch up on some girl talk.

Me and Riya

Riya, my friend, is a regular customer at Euphoria Cafe and loves it there. She usually goes there on her lunch break as it’s only a 10-minute drive away from her workplace. In addition to that, she said she loves supporting local businesses.

She ordered a matcha green tea latte and a caramel waffle. I ordered a cocoa banana waffle and a regular hot chocolate. I, unfortunately, cannot tell you how much our order was because Riya paid for everything. She said it was her birthday treat for me.

According to Riya, Euphoria Cafe makes the best matcha green tea latte.

Matcha green tea latte <3

She also really loved Euphoria Cafe’s caramel waffle, too.

Caramel waffle came with caramel syrup and whipped cream.

The cocoa banana waffle I got came with waffle (of course, haha), banana slices, caramel syrup, chocolate chips, and whipped cream. It was delicious! One of the best waffles in Calgary, I would say. However, if you ask me which waffle do I like best: Euphoria Cafe, Buttermilk on 17th, or Bro’Kin Yolk? I would have to choose Bro’Kin Yolk! But that’s just my personal opinion.

Cocoa banana waffle!

The hot chocolate I ordered was alright. It was not as chocolate-y or sweet as I like my hot chocolate to be. I probably would not order it again. I really don’t drink coffee or lattes so I’m missing out on trying those. I did like that their hot drinks came with latte art on them.

Hot chocolate 🙂

Euphoria Cafe also offers sandwiches, gelatos, and other baked goods.


Inside the cafe, it felt cozy. It’s a pretty quiet cafe, a perfect place to study or get some work done. It would be nice to have comfier chairs, though. The cafe also has numerous artworks for sale.

Location: Crowchild Square Plaza, 5403 Crowchild Trail NW, Calgary, AB T3B 4Z1

Contact info: (403) 313-0503

Hours: M-Sat: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sun: 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Top five spots to watch whales in Sydney

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The diverse natural environment of Australia boasts unique wildlife, spectacular landscapes, and iconic destinations that make it a perfect holiday spot for tourists all around the world. One of the primary attractions for tourists is the country’s coastline that hosts numerous vantage points to witness humpback migration that lasts from April to December.
Sydney’s high coastal cliffs are the perfect place to see the enormous marine creature breaching and blowing as they migrate to the north to breed. However, it is important that you select the perfect spot that offers you an opportunity to get up close to these magnificent mammals in order to make your whale watching voyage memorable.

Click on photo for credit.

So, here are the top five spots to watch whales in Sydney this season. Plan a trip to any of these locations and you’re sure to have a great coastal adventure.
1. The Palm Beach Lighthouse on Barrenjoey Headland
Barrenjoey Headland is a spellbinding place that not only treats you to the sublime views of Sydney’s northern beach, but also offers you mesmerising views from the top of the lighthouse. So, if you want to enjoy the added benefit of a short bushwalk to the lighthouse with whale watching, you should consider picking Barrenjoey Headland as your next whale watching spot.
2. Cape Solander, Kurnell
This place is perhaps the most popular whale watching spot in Sydney. With its wide viewing platform and several friendly volunteers to guide you to the perfect spot on the platform, the place is sure to make your whale watching experience unforgettable. And when you’re done watching the whales, you may take a walk up to the cliff top while enjoying the stunning landscapes.
3. Sydney Harbour National Park
Sydney Harbour National Park is a historic whale watching spot; however, the place has been renovated and the new walkway to the top offers the most dramatic views of the humpback migration. When you have tried your luck spotting ways from this amazing place, you may soak up the natural beauty and calmness of the panoramic ocean and end your day on a perfect note with a scrumptious meal at The Gap.
4. Ben Buckler Point at Bondi Beach
The most famous tourist attraction of Sydney needs no introduction. Known for its clear waters and sandy beach, the place has a lot to offer when it comes to whale watching. To further enhance the convenience of tourists, the place has been renovated to become wheelchair and pram accessible. So, plan a whale watching trip to this gorgeous stretch of Sydney coastline to spend a memorable day with your family and friends.
5. Royal National Park
Royal National Park is one of the most spectacular land-based places in Sydney to watch whales safely from the coast. Despite being a popular tourist attraction, the place offers countless spots to stay for a while and look for the whales. So, visit this heritage-listed park today to witness the glorious beauty of its sandstone cliffs and watch whales travelling to the north.


Travel Video Diary: Snorkeling in Silfra Fissure

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My brother and I snorkeled at the Þingvellir National Park where the Silfra Fissure is located! It was such a cool and unforgettable experience! How many people can say they’ve snorkeled in between two continents (Europe and North America)? I know I can! For more travel video diaries, subscribe to my Youtube channel. :) (This is a travel video diary for January 25, 2016)

Yahoo! has a new travel assistant app that customizes itself for you

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In an attempt to outshine its rivals in the ever-evolving web industry, Yahoo! has launched an app that makes it easier for travelers to plan their next trip. Called Yahoo Radar, the new app brings together the company’s proprietary search engine, communications software, and other newly developed functions to help people plan their itineraries.

Acting as a virtual travel assistant, Radar uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring travelers the best recommendations for restaurants, activities to participate in, and cool attractions nearby.

The app requires users to have a Yahoo! account but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue, as we all know, signing up is free. After signing up, the Radar app scans a user’s inbox for any upcoming trips. If users don’t currently have any trips planned, they can customize the app to send them notifications when a reservation pops up in their email account.

One of Radar’s functions is similar to sending and receiving a text message. Users can ask Radar to provide information on places, sights to see, discounted hotels, etc. within any U.S. state. For restaurants, Radar quickly pulls out content from TripAdvisor and Yelp so people don’t necessarily need to open up those two apps just to view information.

Unlike other travel apps, Radar doesn’t require a lot of text input. For the most part, it learns a user’s preferences over time, and makes suggestions based on the information it has. Radar’s concept is patterned after the style of most gaming companies today, which purvey the “Intelligent Game Technology.” According to Gaming Realms, who offered insights on their strategies, the Intelligent Game Technology is all about creating a platform that can take all kinds of content, and a personalized engine that creates efficient promotion and user satisfaction. Gaming Realms have utilized this technology on many of their games including the highly-successful title Starbust, which has paved the way for digitized classic games to become popular again. Radar, too, is all about that, which is why it has potential to be at the forefront of travel apps for years to come.

Radar is exclusively available for the iOS.

Click on photo for credit.

Block 1912 Cafe and Bakery, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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My boyfriend and I were walking along Whyte Avenue in Edmonton and this modern-looking yet cozy coffee shop that we passed by caught our eye. We looked up to see what the coffee shop is named and found out that it is the Block 1912 Cafe and Bakery. My boyfriend quickly pulled out his phone to check reviews of the place and found good reviews online so we decided to check it out.

13516278_10154372736913217_1957477171015884317_nBlock 1912 Cafe and Bakery claims that they have been voted by Edmonton to have the best desserts, according to the cafe’s website.


I ordered their Ciabatta Grilled Cheese for CAD$7 and a large Ganache Hot Chocolate for CAD$5. The grilled cheese was not filling and there was nothing really special about it that makes it stand out from other grilled cheese sandwiches I have had in life. I also think it is overpriced for the quality of the grilled cheese.

I did like their hot chocolate as it was rich, creamy, and chocolatey as I want my hot chocolate to be.

Does my sad-looking grilled cheese really need that big of a plate?
Here, I’ll try and make it look pretty even if the quality of the food stays the same. :S

My boyfriend also ordered a Ganache Hot Chocolate and he said it was too rich for him. He also ordered a Raspberry Chocolate Cake which at first, he was so excited about because he found the chocolate cake filled with raspberries inside. However, the cake was hard as a rock and he started regretting his decision of ordering it. He did not even eat half of the cake and did not even bother taking the rest home.

Looks great in photo (because as a photographer, that’s what I do, make things look better than they are) but no this cake was hard as a rock.

For a place that claims to have the best dessert in the city, that was a huge letdown. We actually were planning on getting gelato after eating our grilled cheese and raspberry chocolate cake but the disappointment we had from the food we already ordered, we decided it probably was not a good idea to even order their gelato.

Service: The person who took my order was rude and did not seem to be happy working there. She was not very pleasant at all. The guy who delivered my grilled cheese to my table was also not very friendly.

Ambience: The cafe was a bit dark inside so we chose a spot closer to the patio to give us a bit of light while eating. There were a lot of comfortable couches to sit on inside the cafe, though. I also like that they have a Take a Book, Leave a Book bookshelf.

13590438_10154372736578217_8223348781893838743_nWhat we did not like: As mentioned already, the food were a disappointment, and the service was the worst. Another thing is that, the condiment stand is dirty and their washroom? Don’t even bother using their washroom. It was a disaster in there. I went in there and first thing I saw was a garbage can overflowing with used toilet paper. Like it was literally a mountain of toilet paper covering a garbage can. Why would they neglect cleaning their washroom?

Do we recommend this place? Absolutely not. But to give you a different perspective, check out reviews given by other people in Tripadvisor.

Location: 10361 Whyte Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB, T6E 1Z9

Contact info: 780 433 6575

Hours: M-T: 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., F-Sat: 9 a.m. to midnight, Sun: 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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