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Milkcow, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My favourite thing to do in every city I visit is to just walk around with no plans or itinerary on hand and to stop at any food place that catches my eye. That’s exactly what I did one day when I was in Melbourne. So when I was walking along Swanston Street (or was […]

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Peninsula Hot Springs, Victoria, Australia

The Peninsula Hot Springs in Fingal, Victoria was a highlight of my trip to Australia when I went there in August. I think the timing was perfect as it was winter in Australia at that time and so taking a dip in their geothermal mineral springs was definitely a good way to relax and soothe […]

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How to apply for an Australian ETA

There are many things to know before you go to Australia. One of those is to check what visa requirements you might need before you make your travel plans. The type of passport you hold will determine what visa requirements you’ll need. If you are a Canadian passport holder and want to travel to Australia […]

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Why I Am Leaving Canada, My Home for 8 Years

A luggage left unpacked from my recent trip to Australia has just been hanging around in my room for the past two months. My room is a mess. Books and a bunch of chocolates from Halloween on top of my dresser, gifts and dirty laundry on the floor, an unopened package in my cabinet. It […]


Looking for a travel backpack? Check out Cabin Zero!

I have been on the look out for the best carry-on bag in the market for the longest time. Whenever I travel, I am usually a mess when it comes to my carry-on items. Picture this, I have my purse where I put my wallet, passport, and other important documents, then I have my camera […]

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Travel Blogger of the Month: Luke Marlin from Backstreet Nomad

Jusz Travel‘s Travel Blogger of the Month for August is Luke Marlin from Backstreet Nomad! Marlin has been blogging for almost seven years and according to him, he leads a double life as a financial analyst and a travel blogger. “I posts travel blog posts back in 2010, but it wasn’t until early 2014 that […]

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Top five spots to watch whales in Sydney

The diverse natural environment of Australia boasts unique wildlife, spectacular landscapes, and iconic destinations that make it a perfect holiday spot for tourists all around the world. One of the primary attractions for tourists is the country’s coastline that hosts numerous vantage points to witness humpback migration that lasts from April to December. Sydney’s high […]

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Travel Blogger of the Month: Jessica Shetler from Thrifty Traveler Tips

Jusz Travel‘s Travel Blogger of the Month for June is Jessica Shetler from Thrifty Traveler Tips! Shetler started her blog in November of 2015 and is geared more towards budget travelers. “My blog is Thrifty Traveler Tips and my goal is to encourage people to travel even on a tight budget. I share money saving […]

Blogger of the Month Interviews

Travel Blogger of the Month: Toni Frazer from Enchanted Serendipity

Toni Frazer is not only a travel blogger but a big film and TV buff. She incorporates her love for movies and TV shows in her adventures and shares it all in her travel blog called Enchanted Serendipity. “I called it this because they are my two favourite words and serendipity means ‘a fortunate accident’ […]

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8 Destinations So Amazing You’ll Never Want To Leave

No matter how much of a traveller you are, chances are you always want more! That’s one of the dangerous things about travelling; it can be surprisingly addictive. This is equally true, I think, for newbies and seasoned world-walkers alike. Once you catch the travelling bug, there is not all that much you can do […]



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