Moving Further East: Living In A Limited Culture Shock World

There may have come a time when you looked around and felt that you had gotten all you could out of living among your surroundings. You only get one shot at life so why not see if you can explore the earth while also making another patch of land your home. It’s a big step to take in the first place as we all like to live in environments that are familiar. It’s isn’t just a language thing, it’s the food, music, culture, architecture and customs that set varying nations and continents apart. However, there’s a lot of Western influence in some parts of the world. You can have the best of both worlds if you look carefully and move to parts of the world where you can experience living as the locals do, along with some similarities of home. There’s a large and deep influence of Western culture in places like Japan, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore to name a few. These locations have a rich history of their own, with many festivals and customs that are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Yet, they possess the ability to make someone from Europe or North America feel right at home if you choose the location wisely.

Hong Kong Hospitality

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A formerly British owned city-state, Hong Kong is simply one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its got a large British expat society that celebrates their traditions and culture from back home. Many born and bred in the city who may be of Chinese origins, also celebrate British culture as their own. You’ll fit right in if you’re originally from this part of the European continent as there are pubs dotted all over the city. There’s a lively football community also that has its own league and fierce rivalries. The food is very homely with the ability to get a shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, and full English breakfast in various cafes and even restaurants. Most if not all Hong Kong citizens speak fluent English so interacting with the locals won’t be an issue. Getting a job is much the same as we all know the language of business and trade worldwide is English anyway. Hong Kong is a flourishing city that is mostly fuelled by financial services so if you work in this industry, getting a well-paying job in one of the skyscrapers is going to be a very real possibility.

Moving to Hong Kong does present challenges, however. Picking up your life and moving abroad is always going to be difficult in some form or another. Finding a place to stay is, of course, the biggest component to making a successful transition. The city is heavily populated, so the only way to build more apartments is to go upward. Moving into the mid-levels in central Hong Kong is the best option for many different income classes. Look toward Eva Court for modern apartments that are clean and have a neutral Westernized decor. Greenville House is another apartment option as it features open plans with large singular rooms. Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms may be in the mid to smaller sizes as the main rooms take up most of the space. Very similar in their styles which may be deemed generic, Block B and Tower 3 both have great sized rooms with three bedrooms the normal offering. However, they are a little further out from the center but still close enough to be accessed quickly via public transport. Inside you have marble in the bathrooms, varnished wooden flooring, big open lounge areas with large windows that point out toward the center of Hong Kong.

Idyllic Indonesian inspirations

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Surprisingly, not enough Westerns know about the charm of Indonesia. Indeed it’s a stereotypically hot climate with warm currents that flow around the country all day and night. Occasionally you have a monumental downpouring of rain, and the farmland and wider landscape are shown mercy by way of a large drink of water. But if you’re a Westerner weighing up your options, you cannot underestimate the similarities that have wafted over to this nation. European-style homes have spread across the country, and if you saw them with your own eyes for the first time, you’d agree they wouldn’t look out of place in Paris, London, or Los Angeles. If you travel further inland, you’ll be in awe at the level of history and detail that is still preserved in the temples of worship. The Indonesian people are a very proud civilization and celebrate many festivals that honor their heroes, ancestors and supernatural beliefs such as gods and other deities.

The two most modern locations you might want to move to are Jakarta and Bandung. Both have high-rise apartments buildings that are great if you’re a young professional. However, they have many modern homes that are for sale if you look on You have a plethora of options such as standalone properties, residential, urban and suburban, attached and semi-detached, the list goes on. Inside you’ll find the usual materials used as you would expect, i.e. wooden flooring, marble kitchen countertops, tiled bathroom walls and paved pathways in both front and back gardens. If you feel the need to have your own driveway, that’s very much a possibility, but mostly you’ll find this coming with the home itself if you’re shopping in the suburban zones. If you’re in a lower income class, you might be surprised with what you can still buy as there are many properties that are townhouses. Cheap and cheerful they offer bang for the buck. Usually, they’re two bedrooms, give the owner a personal parking space and have low running costs.

Singapore sanctuary

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Singapore is a lot like Hong Kong, but it’s the little details that set it apart. It’s an independent city-state that harbors so many different cultures and people. It’s very multicultural and multiethnic with Arabs, East Asians and Asians living together. Its modern journey birth began when the British arrived and started using the land as a trading post with the rest of the Asian continent. This has not died down in recent times but only flourished even more. It’s a very wealthy city that also focuses on financial services as its main source of GDP. However, just like Hong Kong, Western inspiration is everywhere to be seen. It does provide a best of both worlds scenario for those looking for a little adventure into far-east festivals and culture customs. The food is spectacular with many Michelin three-star restaurants that offer an incredibly diverse list of international cuisines. There are also many tourists attractions when you venture around the coastal parts further south, but just like capital cities around the world, residential homes exist in a circle parameter around the city center.


Queens Peak is a good place to start, as it has medium-sized rooms with 2 to 3 bedroom apartments. There’s no doubt about it, the decor is modern and mixes many European styles together. French decor along with Spanish and Italian villa-styled themes are quite the glamourous option if you want a taste of home. Another apartment highrise is the Kandis Residence. The common choice is again, two bedrooms but this time you have the option of open lounge and dining room plans. Both the kitchen and the living room can also blend together, so you feel as if you aren’t packed in and squashed. Looking for something a little less lavish and more inside your income bracket, than look toward the Hollandia. Subtle and with a keep it simple style ethos, this apartment block is in District 10. It’s a 12-storey building that is great for small families looking to live a frugal life and enjoy their new surroundings. Easily accessible to all by car and public transport, the neighborhood is very friendly and welcoming. The location is full of more expensive high rise apartment buildings, and many of the features such as car parks and newly built roads are usable for you too.

Once you get out of your comfort zone, you will encounter some challenges you didn’t expect. Moving abroad is no mean feat, and it takes a lot of willpower and courage to implement your plan. Finding a place to stay is the biggest worry many people looking to head toward the Far East face. You should be comforted by the fact that, many nations across the Asian continent have adopted Western standards along with various cultures from Europe and North America. People speak fluent English so instantly, and there’s no fear of a language barrier. You do have the best of both worlds really because you won’t feel so far from home, but you’ll also be immersed in an alien culture. Take your pick of either city-state nation, Hong Kong or Singapore. Both offer something different and welcome people from all over the world with modern homes and apartments. The hidden surprise of it all is Indonesia. Suburban homes with European influence have been built all along the island and at very reasonable prices. You get much more for what you pay when compared to properties in the West that’s for sure.



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