Mount Martha Beach, Victoria, Australia

For my first Australian Christmas Day, my family took me to Mount Martha in Victoria. Going to a beach is a typical Aussie way of celebrating Christmas. I didn’t complain as I’ve always been an island girl and would choose sand over snow in between my toes.

It was about 1.5-hour drive from Briar Hill where my aunt, uncle, and cousin live.

Mount Martha is located 60 kilometres southeast of Melbourne’s CBD. This seaside town is part of Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

The two-kilometre long Mount Martha beach is divided into two (north and south) by Balcombe Creek. What I love most about this beach is that it has clear blue waters and long and wide stretches of white sand with shallow waters. It also has colourful bathing boxes all lined up just like in Brighton Beach. The best part is that this beach is less commercialized and so there are less tourists and more locals.

You will also find the Mount Martha Pillars at the Esplanade if you drive up the coastal road up the hill. Watch out for narrow footpaths on the side of the road and find yourself on the edge of a cliff where you can jump into the clear, blue waters. If you are a scaredy cat like me, you may opt to just get a beach towel, lay on the sandstone rocks, and soak up the sun.

Australia’s beaches is one of the many reasons why I love this country and want to call it home someday. If you do come here, please make sure to take your rubbish with you and help preserve its beauty. When we were there, we saw someone throw a plastic bag into the ocean. It wasn’t cool.

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