Six cool things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the coolest cities I’ve been to. The city just gives out this chill, laid back vibe that you can’t get from other cities. Amsterdam will make you feel like you belong no matter who you are and that is what I love most about it.

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam soon and are looking for things to do, then continue reading below because you came to the right place!

Get lost

Walk or bike in Amsterdam, that’s your choice!

Amsterdam is such a walkable city and there’s always something amazing to marvel at in every turn. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this wonderful city by ditching your map and letting your feet take you wherever it want. Alternatively, you can rent a bike and explore the city that way. After all, cyclists are the kings and queens of the road in Amsterdam.

Go on a canal cruise

Get to know Amsterdam through its canals.

If you hate walking, going on a canal cruise might be a better option for you. It is a relaxing way to see the city. During this time, you will learn a bit more about Amsterdam as the city’s canals, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, played a huge part in Amsterdam’s history. The cruise I went on had an open bar, so if you go on a canal cruise in the afternoon, it may be a great way to start off your night and loosen up before heading to the Red Light District.

Watch a sex show

Yes, checking out the famous Red Light District is definitely high up on everyone’s list when planning a visit to Amsterdam, but why not take it up a notch by actually watching a sex show? It is a fun activity to do with friends but possibly a bit awkward with family members. I can’t share much about my experience except to advise to come prepared as they do have audience participation from time to time.

Check out the Sexmuseum Amsterdam Venustempel

A few of the exhibits at Amsterdam’s sex museum.

While we’re on the topic of sex, might I as well add, pay a visit to Amsterdam’s sex museum, which is the world’s first and oldest sex museum opened in 1985. Admission to the museum will set you back €4, which is pretty affordable I would say, and you would have to be at least 16 years of age to enter. In here, you will see erotic photographs, paintings, and objects all for the sake of history of sex education, of course! It was quite interesting to see how sex changed throughout the years.

Eat green cupcakes

The Bulldog is Amsterdam’s first ever “coffeeshop”.

Dabble in some “green” cupcakes when you’re there. You can buy these at Amsterdam’s “coffee shops” but remember to bring your ID! I went with a few friends and I forgot my ID at the hotel so I was pretty bummed but my friends were able to buy a cupcake for take out and shared it with me. So that ended well!

Devour some Dutch frites

Frites from Vlaamse Frites.

Stroopwafel is probably Amsterdam’s most famous “must-try food” for tourists but I would dare say a trip to Amsterdam is incomplete without getting yourself some frites (or fries for English speakers) complete with mayo dipping. North Americans are used to dipping fries in ketchup but fries and mayo are so much better!


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  1. You’re spot on about all the things to do 🙂 I went to Amsterdam 4 years ago, absolutely loved the city! So laid back, chilled out. And the ‘green’ cupcakes are a must try!
    Medha Verma recently posted…How we evolved as travelersMy Profile

  2. Totally agree on getting lost and enjoying the food! I did a great foodie tour that combines both those and highly recommend!
    Shaun recently posted…8 Cheap Things to Do in VegasMy Profile

  3. This sounds like quite the adventure. Something for all of the senses, for sure.

  4. Amsterdam is such a cool city, I really loved the sex museum, I found it really interesting! I didn’t do a canal cruise, but we walked pretty much everywhere – it’s a really accessible city 👍 x

  5. I didn’t do any of these things while in Amsterdam except maybe the frites! But I took a walking tour and really enjoyed learning about the red light district. It’s a lot different than what I thought it would be!

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