Where to Eat: Calgary’s Best Hot Chocolates

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest is going on for the whole month of February! Local coffee shops, cafes, and other businesses are competing to win the Best Hot Chocolate and Best Spirited Hot Chocolate awards. Here are some of the hot chocolates I have personally tried. GIVEAWAY! Three winners will be given five vouchers each for the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest! For full contest details, click here.

The Beltliner’s Chocolate el Diablo: CAD$6

Made with spicy hot chocolate mix, milk, and toasted marshmallow on top

The first sip reminded me of Christmas because it tasted like cinnamon then the spicy-ness of the drink hit me right after. I love the foam in it. The marshmallow, for me, was a disappointment.

Yellow Door Bistro’s Reverse White Hot Chocolate: CAD$10.50

Made with white chocolate ganache, frangelico (hazelnut liqueur made by monks) and amaretto, then topped with dark chocolate marshmallow and shaved hazelnuts.

This drink has the perfect level of sweetness. I am not a fan of alcohol so if I ordered it without the alcohol, I would definitely be able to gulp this drink down. The white chocolate ganache was to die for. My favourite part of the drink was the dark chocolate marshmallow.

Take note: you can order this drink with or without alcohol.

Ollia Macarons and Tea’s Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate: CAD$5.40+

Made with traditional European hot chocolate and topped with homemade vanilla marshmallow and salted caramel spread

The hot chocolate itself wasn’t special or amazing but the caramel on it was to die for. The homemade marshmallow was just super fluffy and the sweetness was spot on. The chocolate taste is very light and the drink wasn’t sweet enough for me.

Yann Haute Patisserie’s Origins: CAD$4.73

Made with lightly spiced Mayan cocoa, sweetened with red dessert wine reduction, topped with whipped cream, passionfruit marshmallows, and a delicate Mexican vanilla bean shortbread.

The chocolate is super rich and the taste brings you to Mexico. The shortbread on top was my favourite part of this drink.

Midtown Kitchen and Bar’s Amaretto Chocolate: free thanks to our sponsor, Calgary Meals on Wheels

Made with ice cream, milk chocolate, amaretto, marshmallow, pecans, and chocolate drizzle.

This is probably the most unique entry in the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest as it is not a hot chocolate but a milkshake. I am not sure if that should disqualify them or if that is an advantage for them? It was okay, nothing spectacular. Again, I would have finished the drink if it did not come with alcohol.

Higher Ground’s Salted Caramel and Coconut Cocoa: CAD$3.94 for a small cup

Made with salted caramel hot chocolate, coconut syrup, chocolate syrup, steamed milk, and then topped with whipped cream, salted caramel powder, chocolate drizzle, and coconut flakes.

I personally like this one. The frothy milk and whipped cream with the toppings made it a winner. Salted caramel and coconut is a great combination. I feel like salted caramel and coconut overpowers the chocolate and is super sweet but that’s okay. I still like it.

Take note: Higher Ground has two entries for the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest. I forgot what the other one was, I think it has orange in it or something.

Fiasco Gelato’s Red Velvet Drinking Chocolate: free thanks to our sponsor, Calgary Meals on Wheels

Made with Dutch cocoa powder, salted caramel, steamed milk, and red velvet cake marshmallows. All ingredients are made in house at Fiasco Gelato.

The hot chocolate drink itself is creamy and rich but not overpoweringly rich like Yann Haute’s which is great. It is super delicious. I especially love the red velvet cake crumbs. That’s my winner. It was the only hot chocolate I was able to finish. The level sweetness is perfect. This is my winner for the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest.

GIVEAWAY! Three winners will be given five vouchers each for the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest! For full contest details, click here.

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    • Halley Wright
    • May 23, 2017

    Such a fun post! Whoever thought you could be so creative with hot chocolate!! I would definitely love to try these. ­čśŹ

  1. Oh my goodness!! All of these look and sound amazing, but red velvet anything instantly wins my vote!! Especially since you said that’s your favorite…mmmmm

  2. This is nice. I never knew there are so many hot chocolate joints in YYC. BTW YYC is my hometown too.

  3. Although they all look pretty awesome, I have to confess, hot chocolate with liquer is my favorite kind! Unfortunately you don’t get a lot of variety in that where I live so I usually put some Baileys Irish creme in my hot chocolate ­čśë But the hazelnut liquer sounds pretty awesome, would love to try it sometime! Lovely post Justine, i would love to try all these one day!
    Medha Verma recently posted…5 places in Slovenia thatÔÇÖll take your breath away!My Profile

  4. OMG! All these hot chocolates look and sound amazing (though some are a little pricey for a hot choclate, don’t you think?). The ones with toasted marshmallows sound great – but why didn’t you like the marshmallow on the first one? X
    Becca Talbot recently posted…Losing my Airbnb virginity to the cutest apartment in Berlin.My Profile

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