When your heart gets broken, this is how I will fix you

When your heart gets broken

I will take you to New York on July 1st

Celebrate your 24th birthday watching Matilda on Broadway

I will reunite you with long-lost friends and eat meatballs in Brooklyn

Lead you to the ferry station, cross Manhattan to Staten Island, and together we’ll see Lady Liberty for the first time

I will let you have your first summer fling to make you forget, even for a little bit, that your heart is broken into pieces

Introduce you to Lang Leav at Grand Central Station and show you that love is full of misadventures and that is okay


When your heart gets broken again

I will fly you to London, explore it by foot, see Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace

Watch a sex show and eat a green cupcake in Amsterdam

I will buy you beer in Germany and gelato in Italy

Play with giant bubbles in Austria before we go on a cruise in Switzerland

I will save the best for last and take you to Paris

As the bus rolls in the City of Love, you will realize that pain is temporary


And when another boy comes knocking on your door, wanting a piece of your already broken heart

Don’t hesitate, not even for a second, be polite and say, “I’m sorry but I didn’t travel to all these places to make myself whole again just to be broken by a different version of you. You look different than before, dress differently than before, speak a different language than before, but you’re back for the same thing and I have nothing more to give”

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