55 Facts About Calgary

  1. Calgary became an official town on Nov. 7, 1884 under the North-West Territories Ordinance
  2. The City of Calgary was incorporated on Jan. 1, 1894
  3. Calgary got its name from Calgary Bay on the Isle of Mull in Scotland
  4. Calgarians gave its city a nickname of “cowtown”
  5. Cowtown lives up to its name with its annual Calgary Stampede held in July
  6. Calgary Stampede was brought to the city by Guy Weadick with the financial help from Pat Burns, Archie McLean, George Lane, and A.E. Cross
  7. There are a lot of free pancake breakfasts all over the city during the Calgary Stampede
  8. An app was also created to easily navigate where to find a free pancake breakfast during the Calgary Stampede
  9. Calgarians only pay five per cent tax on Goods and Services because there is no provincial sales tax in Alberta.
  10. Calgary was among the cleanest cities in the world
  11. Calgary is the sunniest major city in Canada
  12. The city is also known as the Cultural Capital of Canada
  13. There is a total of 499,222 dwelling units in the city
  14. Calgary is located at 3,740 feet above sea level
The Calgary Stampede comes to cow town for ten days in July. (Photo credit: Kristine Wee)


  1. More than half (67.34 per cent) of the population in Calgary drive to work according to the 2016 Civic Census Results
  2. The next popular mode of transportation by Calgarians is taking public transit with 16.41 per cent of the population
  3. Highway 1 opened in 1962
  4. The first streetcar was introduced in Calgary in 1909
  5. There were a total of 12 streetcars back then servicing a total of 30,000 Calgarians
  6. The streetcars travelled along 25.7 kilometres of track
  7. In 1950, the last streetcar ran, restored, and moved to Heritage Park
  8. Gas-fuelled buses were introduced in 1932
  9. Trolley buses were phased out in the early 1970’s
  10. Trolley buses were then replaced by diesel buses
  11. In 1972, Calgary Transit was born
  12. The Ctrain construction began in 1978
Calgary’s Peace Bridge (Photo credit: David Marulanda)


  1. Blackfoot natives were living in Calgary way before European settlers discovered the place
  2. Europeans first came to Calgary in 1787
  3. In September 1875, the first North West Mounted Police Detachment arrived
  4. The Canadian Pacific Railway arrived in 1883
  5. The Glenbow Museum first opened in 1966 after receiving a donation from the Harvie family
  6. Eric Harvie and his family donated art, artifacts, and historical documents to the Glenbow Museum


  1. The Calgary Tower was built in celebration of Canada’s centennial
  2. The construction of the Calgary Tower started in Feb. 19, 1967
  3. The total cost of the construction of the Calgary Tower was $3.5 million
  4. The building of the Calgary Tower was completed on June 30, 1968
  5. The glass floor at the observation deck of the Calgary Tower was installed in 2005


  1. It was the first Canadian city to host the Olympic Winter Games and that was in 1988.
  2. In 1988, a natural gas-fired cauldron that resembled the Olympic torch was installed at the Calgary Tower in honour of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games
Alpha Omicron Pi members from the University of Calgary posed for a photo with Mayor Naheed Nenshi. (Photo credit: a stranger)


  1. Calgary has the best mayor in the world! Mayor Naheed Nenshi was given the World Mayor Prize in 2014!
  2. Nenshi who was elected in 2014 was also “the first Muslim mayor of a major North American city.”
  3. The median age in Calgary is 36.1 years old as of 2014
  4. Over 120 languages are spoken in Calgary
  5. Almost 50 per cent of the population in Calgary is between the ages of 25 and 54
  6. The total population for Calgary as of April 2016 is 1,235,171
  7. Harold Hanen was the architect behind Calgary’s +15
  8. The father of Java computer programming language, James Gosling, is a Calgarian!
  9. Sixty per cent of Calgarians graduated from a post-secondary institution


  1. The Bloody Caesar was invented in Calgary
  2. Walter Chell created created the Bloody Caesar at the Calgary Inn which is now known as the Westin Hotel
  3. The Canadian-style ginger beef was also created at the Silver Inn in Calgary
  4. Thanks to chef George Wong who created the ginger beef dish in the mid-1970s, Canadians and everyone around the world get to enjoy it


  1. In 2015, there were 8,054,675 visitors in Calgary
  2. The visitcalgary.com was visited 2,099,793 times in 2015
  3. $1.7 billion were spent in Calgary by visitors in 2015
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