Champagne Experience at the London Eye, London, United Kingdom

icecreamFor my 25th birthday, I decided to celebrate it in Europe. My first stop was London and so I started planning my itinerary while I was still in Canada. Obviously, what’s a trip to London without experiencing the London Eye?

Back in high school, I remember watching the movie If Only and there was a scene where Jennifer Love Hewitt was in the London Eye. I found that scene so beautiful that I dreamt of going there one day and experience it myself.

11252553_10153532671788217_7500487176705300470_nI really am not a fan of buying tickets to anything on the day of, so I booked most of my tickets online before my trip and that included my ticket to the London Eye. As I was looking through my options, I saw that they offer a Champagne Experience and so I opted for that one thinking, “Well, it is my birthday after all. Why not make it fancy?”

My schedule on the ticket was July 22, 2014 at 7 p.m. It was advised that I be there 45 minutes prior to my schedule. On the day itself, I went and showed my ticket. I was then ushered into this really fancy room with a Pommery Champagne bar. Although, there was a bar in this room, the champagne was not free. The free glass of champagne will be later served while on board the London Eye. Only the ones who purchased the Champagne Experience gets to be in this room. There were not a lot of people in it, there were a few couples and a family. I was the only single person in the room.  These were also the people I shared a London Eye capsule with, which was nice because our capsule wasn’t crowded and we did not have to line up to get in.

Waiting to board the London Eye at this fancy schmancy room.

About 15 minutes later, our host escorted us over to the London Eye for boarding. We got in the capsule, and our host started handing out glasses of champagne to each of us except minors or those who don’t drink, instead they were given glasses of non-alcoholic beverages. Our host imparted some information about London while we enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the city and our champagne. We also took pictures.

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The whole experience lasted about 45 minutes or so. Afterwards, I went to a shop and purchased some souvenirs and photos from my experience.

It was definitely an experience I would never forget.

Expenses: ‎£24 plus ‎£4.80 tax = ‎£28.80 The price included entrance to the London Eye, a glass of champagne, and a viewing guide. It shows in the picture below. *Take note this was the price back in 2014. Prices may have changed.

11760092_10153532671948217_1232049267716589742_nPlanning a visit? Click here.

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  1. Oh yes…the London Eye is pretty amazing. I’ve never done the champagne 🥂 tour, but it looks like a good price.

  2. The view from the London Eye looks stunning, seems like a great experience with the champagne. It’s funny, I lived in London for two and half years and have never been to the London Eye 🙂 Maybe next time when I am it the city.. 🙂

  3. I was lucky enough to visit the London eye on a work trip so didn’t have to pay anything and we had the pod to ourselves too!! They views though are amazing and I loved it. If you are in London then it is certainly a must. The champagne experience looks like great fun too 🙂

  4. I’ve done the London Eye a couple of times but never on a clear day (boo) but this seems like the perfect way to do it. Maybe next time I’ll do it this way
    Claire recently posted…Happy Boat: Koh Phi Phi’s Non Booze Cruise OptionMy Profile

  5. The view from the London Eye is incredible, I can’t believe I have never thought about going up there! Happy birthday by the way! I hope the champagne was good!

  6. Such a wonderful way to spend your 25th birthday! I’ve lived in the UK for a while now, and always visit London (at least twice a month) but have never had the chance to get on the London eye… Now it’s on the list! Not sure why I’ve never thought of this before.

    • Halley Wright
    • October 8, 2017

    This is so cool that you did this for your birthday! I’ve been to London and love it, but I would have loved to see the city from this view 😍 So fun!

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