Get Your Hiking Boots On Because It’s Time To Explore These Places In Wyoming!

When it comes to top American destinations, Wyoming isn’t always on people’s itineraries. The state has that “wild west” feel to it. Wyoming is one of America’s least populated states, with fewer than 600,000 inhabitants!

A mountainous part of the country, Wyoming is one of the hidden gems of the USA. I had the pleasure of visiting the state and checked out Yellowstone National Park at the time. If you happen to be in Wyoming, there is plenty of cool places to visit there. Here are some of the best areas you need to discover:

Yellowstone National Park

Sapphire Pool in Yellowstone National Park #yellowstone #yellowstonenationalpark #wyoming #jusztravel #travelusa #idaho #montana #wyoming #nature #hotspring
Sapphire Pool in Yellowstone National Park #yellowstone #yellowstonenationalpark #wyoming #jusztravel #travelusa #idaho #montana #wyoming #nature #hotspring

I mentioned this place a moment ago, but it’s one of the top attractions the state has to offer. It’s the world’s original and oldest national park, would you believe?

Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park #yellowstone #yellowstonenationalpark #wyoming #jusztravel #travelusa #idaho #montana #wyoming #nature #hotspring
Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park #yellowstone #yellowstonenationalpark #wyoming #jusztravel #travelusa #idaho #montana #wyoming #nature #hotspring

If you’re an enthusiast of geology, your senses will go into overdrive! There are scores of geysers and steaming hot springs. And if you’re a fan of nature, you’ll likely come across some bears and elk! Be sure to check out the “Old Faithful” geyser before you leave.

Hot Springs State Park

Another place of natural beauty is, without a doubt, the Hot Springs State Park. It’s famous for having the world’s largest single mineral hot spring. With over 1,000 acres to explore, it makes sense to buy a recreational vehicle and tour the park by road.

During your travels, you will also come across a managed herd of bison. So, if you’re a wildlife lover, you too will enjoy this state park! There’s also Legend Rock to visit. It’s a location that features such attractive Dinwoody rock art.

Bridger-Teton National Forest

Now here’s a place where you will need those hiking boots! Bridger Teton-National Forest boasts over 3.4 million acres of mountain wilderness waiting for you! There are over 2,000 miles of hiking trails for you to discover so you won’t get bored there!

One recommended place to visit there is Gannett Peak, the highest point in Wyoming. You’ll also experience sightings of many animals in the area such as mountain lions.

Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Wyoming isn’t just about acres of outdoor spaces! As you may know, it has a rich history and was part of the “Wild West.”

When you wish to take a break from hiking, you need to go and visit the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Located in Cody, it’s a complex of five separate museums dedicated to the American West. It got founded back in 1917 and includes all kinds of interesting exhibits and artifacts.

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Last, but not least, is the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. It’s a place where you can enjoy breathtaking views from red sandstone cliffs.

The Flaming Gorge Reservoir is a popular place for those that enjoy fishing and sailing. If you enjoy sleeping outdoors on a summer’s night, it’s also popular for camping too.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide to Wyoming’s sights and attractions. See you soon!

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