Top Four Reasons You Should Travel To London This Year

Traveling helps to broaden your mind and experience new places. Imagine staying in the same town or city all your life, how boring is that? Whether you are taking a trip across the world or to a new city nearby, traveling is great.

The toughest part is finding a good place to visit. Bearing that in mind, I’ve come up with four top reasons why you should travel to London this year:

Loads Of Accommodation

If you’re worried about finding somewhere to stay during your travels, then don’t! Any hotel booking website will show you that London is packed full of accommodation places. There are hotels, B&B’s, hostels; you name it. Prices vary too, depending on where you stay and how far in advance you book. So, there’s something for every budget.

I think it is important to have a comfortable base to stay when you travel somewhere. It helps you feel at ease and lets you rest up after a long day of being a tourist. Plus, there are plenty of themed London hotels that are so typically British. It helps you feel immersed in the local culture and become a proper tea drinking Brit!

Big Ben, London, United Kingdom. #london #england #uk #jusztravel #travel #wanderlust #bigben
Big Ben, London, United Kingdom. #london #england #uk #jusztravel #travel #wanderlust #bigben

There’s So Much To Do

When you are looking for the perfect travel destination, you want to go somewhere that offers lots of activities. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck inside all day doing nothing, or wandering the streets aimlessly. One of the great things about this great city is that there’s so much to do in it. There are plenty of great attractions and sights in London, way too much for you to do all in one day. In fact, a lot of the attractions will take up an entire day of your trip!

To make things even better, there’s something for everyone in London. It doesn’t only offer one type of attraction. If you like walking around and visiting famous landmarks, then there’s plenty for you to enjoy. If you’re someone that prefers seeing lots of nature, then there are parks for you to walk through and take in. You also have a load of typical touristy things like museums and art galleries – it’s a city that has almost everything! With so many amazing things to do, you’ll struggle to be bored for a minute during your stay.

Enjoying a champagne while in the London Eye, London, United Kingdom. #london #england #uk #jusztravel #travel #wanderlust #londoneye
Enjoying a champagne while in the London Eye, London, United Kingdom. #london #england #uk #jusztravel #travel #wanderlust #londoneye

Public Transport Is Cheap & Easy

A huge issue when traveling is finding an affordable way of getting around. Paying for a taxi in almost any city will cost an absolute fortune. So, you’re left with the tricky task of navigating public transport. Which, in a lot of countries, can be just as expensive as a taxi ride. However, in London, the public transport is cheap and easy to use. Thanks to those cool little Oyster cards, you can get around the city by train, tram or bus. There’s no need to take loads of loose change with you; everything is contactless and quick. Plus, it’s hard to get lost because there are maps everywhere to help you out. And, a lot of the London Underground ends up looping back on itself, so you’ll always make it home.

If the public transport wasn’t good enough, there’re also other options to help you get around. You can rent a bike from one of the many bike stations in the city. Then, you can cycle around as you please and go wherever you want. There’s no denying that London has one of the best public transport systems in the world. As a result, you can get around and see all of the amazing sights and attractions with ease!

The #tube in #London #england #uk #unitedkingdom #europe #travel #jusztravel #travelporn #peoploflondon
The #tube in #London #england #uk #unitedkingdom #europe #travel #jusztravel #travelporn #peoploflondon

Delicious and Diverse Cuisine

Another standout feature of London is that there are so many places to eat. Seriously, this place is like a combination of the world’s best cuisines all packed into one place. No matter what food you like, you’ll find an amazing restaurant here. There are places with numerous Michelin stars, where food is served by some of the best chefs around. Spend an extended time in London and you can go on a culinary trip around the world.

Plus, there’s a bustling street food scene in the city these days. You’ll find loads of food trucks in markets and on street corners. Never be afraid to go and try the food from one of these trucks. Often, it’ll be the tastiest stuff you try all trip! London is great for eating, whether you want quick snacks or divine meals, it has everything covered.

If this isn’t enough to convince you that London is worth a visit, I don’t know what is! It’s a great city for a long stay, but equally as amazing for a short weekend break.

My first authentic #fishandchips #London #england #europe #unitedkingdom #uk #british #english #travel #food #omnomnom #yum
My first authentic #fishandchips #London #england #europe #unitedkingdom #uk #british #english #travel #food #omnomnom #yum

There you go ladies and gentlemen! And if you do decide to visit London, please see this guide on How to be a tourist in London without annoying all the Londoners.

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