Street Art Snaps: Reykjavik

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik is a small city, so getting around by foot is tolerable and stumbling upon street art is no surprise. I think these photos show how much talent there is in Reykjavik! I mean look at that elephant!! And that lion! And that lady with the mask! Some of their street art also serves a purpose. For example, that street art depicting how to tie a tie. ­čÖé1472_10153940420768217_5255174040938595494_n 12439539_10153940421193217_2314758573238725936_n 12524069_10153940420913217_797982337095402320_n 12549066_10153940422563217_5065288815221071822_n 12552920_10153942769978217_4113997145013499478_n 12592293_10153940402398217_4387215599287792945_n 12592774_10153940400603217_3758321048029710072_n 12631301_10153940410823217_819838774886895922_n 12631492_10153940402058217_2889146919994954195_n 12642803_10153942773408217_8119511629398239035_n 12642856_10153940400153217_9175605742441962617_n 12642877_10153940420808217_9103598704874623680_n 12644734_10153942769823217_2452456034909963877_n

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