Budget Breakdown for My Four-Day Trip to Iceland in January

This is a complete budget breakdown of my trip to Iceland for four days from January 24 to 27, 2016.

Iceland’s currency is called the Icelandic Króna or ISK. Based on my research, “the Nordic currencies such as the Danish krone, Swedish krona and Norwegian krone that participated in the historical Scandinavian Monetary Union, the name króna meaning crown comes from the Latin word corona ‘crown’.”

Before leaving for Iceland, here is a breakdown of my expenses:

CAD$659 – Edmonton, Canada to Keflavik, Iceland roundtrip flights and three nights accommodation (no breakfast included) at Hotel Reykjavik Natura
CAD$44 – Roundtrip airport transfer with Flybus
CAD$256 – Four-hour snorkel tour at Silfra with Iceland Excursions including hotel pick up and drop off
CAD$307 – 12-hour glacier hike and northern lights tour with Icelandic Mountain Guides including hotel pick up and drop off
CAD$96 – Blue Lagoon admission including hotel pick up and drop off
Total: CAD$1,362

Currency conversion: CAD$1 = 95.97ISK (As of May 12, 2016)

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

January 24 Daily total: CAD$96.38 (9,250 ISK)

CAD$17.71 breakfast buffet at KEX Hostel (1,700 ISK)
CAD$16.57 food-pasalubong (1,590 ISK)
CAD$4.17 toothpaste and postcard (400 ISK)
CAD$3.13 two postcards (300 ISK)
CAD$9.38 Hallgrimskirkja entrance fee (900 ISK)
CAD$38.87 dinner at Roadhouse: donut burger and brownie milkshake (3,730 ISK)
CAD$6.56 bottled water (630 ISK)

Doughnut Burger from the Roadhouse in Reykjavik, Iceland. It has hamburger, smoked pork slices, egg, bacon, rocket salad, red onion, Roadhouse sauce, mustard glaze, and powdered sugar doughnut.

January 25 Daily total: CAD$96.78 (9,288 ISK)

CAD$8.74 beer (839 ISK)
CAD$40.43 dinner at Laundromat Cafe (3,880 ISK)
CAD$22.91 wool socks (2,199 ISK)
CAD$9.90 two pretzels and one madeleine at Sandholt Bakery (950 ISK)
CAD$14.80 noodle soup with chicken at the Noodle Station. It was sweet and very vinegary. They will ask if you want it spicy. I wanted beef but they ran out. It was good but not the best I had. (1,420 ISK)

January 26 Daily total: CAD$30.22 (2,900 ISK)

CAD$30.22 breakfast at Hotel Natura’s Satt (2,900 ISK)

January 27 Daily total: CAD$118.32 (11,355 ISK)

CAD$6.25 bag (600 ISK)
CAD$24.28 lunch at airport (2,330 ISK)
CAD$63.46 books (6,090 ISK)
CAD$20.16 chocolate and mini Brennivin (1,935 ISK)
CAD$4.17 magnet (400 ISK)

The grand total of my expenses for my Iceland trip for four days is CAD$1,703.70. Looking back at it now, I am so surprised that my Iceland trip is SOOOOO CHEAP! I mean if we only take into account the flights, hotel, food for four days without doing any of those tours or buying any unnecessary trip souvenirs, we can get by with spending only about CAD$850 for four days!!

Now that we have budget for Iceland covered, make sure you have all essentials for a trip to Iceland especially if you’re going there in winter.

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  1. For me the flight from Bangkok alone to Iceland is over 1000 USD. So, this doesn’t help at all sadly.

    • jusztravel
    • May 16, 2016

    I’m sorry to hear that! 🙁 It is also quite expensive for me to travel from Canada to Asia 🙁

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