Why Nevis Should Be On Your Bucket List In 2016

If you’re starting to think about vacation destinations, the Caribbean island of Nevis should be a strong contender. It’s located in the Northern part of the West Indies and is one of the least populated islands in the region. It’s a beautiful place that has so far been left undiscovered by the masses. Thus, creating a laid back and luxurious vibe that is unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean. If you want a tranquil vacation with gorgeous beaches, few tourists, and a rich historical background, you’re in for a treat. If you need more reason to visit Nevis in 2016, here are some highly compelling reasons.

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It’s a great place to scuba dive

Whether you’re an expert or just want to try something new, Nevis is a fantastic location for scuba diving adventures. You can discover underwater wildlife hiding in the coral reefs and shipwrecks. There are also caves and caverns that are just waiting to be explored. The most popular diving spot on the island is the Booby High Shoals, which is located between the narrows of Nevis and St Kitts. It’s a 40-foot dive that is full of life with stingrays, turtles, and even nurse sharks. It’s a hub of activity that will make any other dive you’ve experiences seem weak in comparison. If you’re looking for a place to learn more about life under the sea, there is nowhere better.
It’s got a rich heritage

If you enjoy finding out about the history of a place while on vacation, Nevis will not disappoint. With the Horatio Nelson Museum and the Museum of Nevis History, you can find out about the island’s past. You can also visit St Paul’s Anglican church, the botanical gardens and the ruins of plantations and estates. The capital city of Charlestown also has a historical feel. With Georgian-style houses lining the streets it’s hard not to imagine what it was like during the British colonial period. Should you want to extend your trip even further, there is also a wealth of real estate on Nevis that you might want to consider. That way you can be surrounded by the beauty and history of the island every day.

It’s the perfect place to unwind

Relaxation is what most tourists are looking for from a holiday destination, and Nevis does not disappoint. With its glorious beaches and crystal clear waters, there are plenty of places where you can sit back and relax during your stay. The island is also home to a number of award winning spas such as the Four Seasons resort spa. You can have facials, massages, and a whole range of treatments to make you feel completely at ease. Some of these establishments also offer perfume blending and yoga sessions. You’ll have never felt so relaxed in your entire life.

The island of Nevis is a destination you are bound to fall in love with and you’ll never want to leave. From its geographical wonders to its Caribbean attitude, its appeal is never ending. So why not add it to this year’s bucket list and discover it before everyone else does?

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