How to embark on a spiritual journey

Some people travel to explore a new city. Others travel for business or family reason. However, there’s another type of traveler. A traveler who is looking for a higher cause. We generally call this form of travelling a spiritual journey, but it might also be a pilgrimage. In other cases, it simply means travelling while sticking to your religious lifestyle and beliefs.

There’s no doubt that traveling will broaden your mind, and open your mind to new experiences. In that sense, all forms of travel have a sense of higher purpose. But, let’s focus specifically on the spiritual side. If you’re interested in taking such a journey, here’s what you need to know.

Set spiritual goalsWhat are you hoping to achieve from your journey? Will a spiritual experience mean opening your mind to a new way of thinking? Will it mean finding some form of understanding? Will it help you make a big decision in your life? These are the sort of questions to ask yourself before you embark on your travels. Remember, this journey is yours alone, and you can tailor it specifically. If you’re looking to see a particular religious sight, or meet a particular person, create the journey with that in mind.

Travel within your religious lifestyle

It’s not always easy to practice your religion while traveling. If you’re a Muslim, for example, it’s difficult to find a hotel that caters for Halal requirements. The same goes for airlines, and finding a destination that welcomes your religious practices. For more information on this particular niche, visit Whatever your faith, there are now tour companies that will help you travel and maintain your religious lifestyle.

Keep a journal

A spiritual journey will help you better understand the world. However, it will also help you better understand your own mind. Unfortunately, it’s all too easily forgotten upon your return. Instead, try to record every detail of the journey along your way. Write down your thoughts and feelings at each stage of the journey. You could even use a modern video diary like I do. Mark down how you are progressing towards your goals. Note down any words of wisdom or lessons you’ve learnt along the way. If you’re feeling lost in the future, glancing back at this journal will help keep you on track.

Follow sacred journeys

People have been embarking on spiritual journeys for thousands of years. Pilgrimages are one of the oldest documented forms of mass travel. So, why not follow in their footsteps, and embark on a well-trodden journey. Taking established pilgrimage routes allows you to imagine what it was like thousands of years ago. They have a spiritual significance, and you’ll feel closer to your religion.

Set a spiritual destination

For most spiritual travellers, the journey is the most important aspect. However, it doesn’t hurt to set yourself an awe-inspiring destination to work towards. Why not visit the source of the river Ganges or the Golden Temple in India. Take a look at for more inspiration. Choose a destination that means something to you and your faith.

Do you have a spiritual journey in mind? Let us know about it in the comment section.

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