Holiday tips: How to feel at home while travelling around the globe

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Travelling to new destinations is by far one of the best experiences ever in life. Exploring unknown cities, taking in their culture and local traditions is absolutely thrilling! Yet, falling in the easy trap of a typical touristy vacation is one of the most common mistakes you can make.

We all know holiday planning can be stressful and most of the time we have no spare time to organize complex, prearranged itineraries. Still, it would result in a much better experience to be able to explore a place we chose as our leisure spot in a more local manner. Here are a few useful tips on how to make the best out of your break, living it as your temporary, special home.

Choosing Your Destination:

First of all, choose your destination wisely. It would be great if you decided to visit a city where you have some friends you could meet up with. If you have this possibility, be sure to take advantage of it. Having familiarity with the locals is the best way to get all the inside information on how to live out the place you are visiting like them. They  will be a perfect point of contact for you! Should this not be the case, my advice would be to have an open attitude towards the locals at all times. It is unbelievably simple to make new friends when on holiday if you keep an open mind. This will be the first step towards your home-y vacation!

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Choosing Your Accommodation:

Booking a hotel is generally an easy way to get set when touring abroad. This may be a convenient way to find your accommodation but it will certainly prevent you from living a true, local experience. My suggestion would be to opt for a more rustic, family-run B&B or, even better rent out a property. This will give your vacation a whole new flavor! The best way to sort this out would be to run a hassle-free search for vacation home rental online. This will save you time and it will give you a broad range of choice. Moreover, living in a local’s home will give you a true feel of how life in that place really is.

Finding Out The Most Interesting, Uncommon Visiting Sites:

Be sure to take with you a handy tourist guide, one of those that have loads of interesting and useful information. You can start reading it before leaving for your destination or during your flight if it is a long one. However, once you get there, prefer talking to shop owners, restaurateurs or locals. They will give you a better insight on the best places to visit and will probably know a few secret sites that guides usually miss.

Traditional Indonesian food. Photo by Yopi Priyatna. Click on photo for credit.

Finding Out The Best Restaurants and Eateries:

Last but not least, choose your eating spots carefully making sure you find out about the traditional foods beforehand. As usual, the easiest way to learn about typical dishes and renowned eateries is to ask someone who lives there. If you want to try exploring the food venues on your own, remember to avoid huge, touristy looking places. Prefer small inns or family-run kiosks to taste more traditional foods. At times, the worst-looking, tiny stands will take you on the best savouring trip.

Most of all, enjoy yourselves!

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