Make the most of a luxury break

Your dream weekend could start here! Most travellers try and get the best experience for the best budget price. They want to see as much as possible and satisfy their craving for adventure and culture. But even the best of us, sigh every now and again when we see the luxury end of the market. Why not turn things around once in awhile?

Plan a stay at a luxury hotel and really make the most of life for a few days. You could have an experience that will stay with you for a long time to come. An experience that could truly be unforgettable. There are great off-peak deals to be had, so get searching for the stay of a lifetime.

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Does the destination matter?

It’s true that you can find luxury lodges deep in the countryside. If your idea of a sumptuous weekend away is all about the services on offer then, perhaps you could head out to a castle or county hotel. You are just as likely to find all the trimmings and won’t have to worry about anything else. On the other hand, why not combine your love of travel with a luxury hotel in a country that you have always wanted to visit?

Every major city boasts its share of luxury but some are simply more stunning than others. It is one thing to plan a trip to London, for example. It is quite another to find yourself in some of the plushest hotels on the planet. You might not stay here for the entire trip but surely a few nights would be like heaven! Apply the same attitude to cities in Europe such as Paris, Amsterdam or even Berlin.

Then again you could make a particular country the focus of your stay. A luxury Swiss hotel, for example, would take some beating. Switzerland after all has some of the highest standards of service in the world, in some of the most stunning locations.

The lovely thing about a luxury stay is that once you are there, you are treated like any other premium guest. Every facility is there for you to indulge yourself in. No one needs to know that you caught the bus or the five am budget flight! Once you are there, you are the important person.

Take advantage

Get to know every facility the hotel or lodge has to offer. Plan your break meticulously. This makes sense especially if you don’t have too much time on your hands. Many hotels like these pride themselves of their first class facilities and you will want to make sure you get your money’s worth. This could extend from the complementary fluffy dressing gowns to free bubbly in the room!

Many luxury hotels pride themselves on top level cuisine. There are often amazing opportunities to eat well and indulge in fine dining. Some hotels have sumptuous bars that offer unrivalled atmosphere and experiences. Make sure that you have packed clothing to make the most of the experience. You’ll not only meet the dress code but it can be great fun to have the opportunity for a little glamour. Not too mention tasting some of the best food on the planet!

Indulge yourself with whatever your luxury hotel can provide. From sumptuous spas to comfortable lounges, libraries and bars, getting away for a while and indulging yourself can be a real blast.

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