56 things to love about Europe from 56 travel bloggers

Europe is one of the most popular continents for travelers to visit. It’s perfect especially for backpackers who want to jump from one country to the next so easily. It is filled with magical things like castles and stories of elves and trolls. It is just a dream for many to visit this continent. Jusz Travel compiled what travel bloggers love most about Europe!

Alicia Webb at Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, Italy. (Photo credit: Alicia Webb)

“What I love about Europe is not just the castles but the abundance of castles. It seems like there is a castle or five in just about every European city and they come in all shapes and sizes. I love it when I happen to stumble upon random castles, too. Sometimes, they are far off the beaten path, broken down or abandoned, but still beautiful and magical, of course!”Alicia Webb

Take a walk in Helsinki, Finland. (Photo credit: Alouise Dittrick)

“One thing I love about Europe is how walkable the cities are. Whenever I’ve spent time in a European city I’ve been able to walk to pretty much wherever I need. For the few times a place is too far to walk to, then there’s usually great public transportation. At home, I need my car to get to a lot of places, so being able to walk almost everywhere I need to go to in European cities is fantastic.”Alouise Dittrick

A castle in Ghent, Belgium. (Photo credit: Becca Goldman)

“Europe will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first place that I traveled to solo. However, the princess in me loves Europe for the castles. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that they all start to look the same eventually. Not all castles are created equal!”Becca Goldman

“What I love most about Europe is the history. Within Italy, there are thousands of buildings left behind by the Roman Empire. In Greece, the cradle of democracy, there are museums and national monuments that still stand as a testament to the grand thinking of our forefathers. Germany boasts more than 40 UNESCO heritage sites and the is expanding every few years; and in Spain, the remains of some of Europe’s oldest tribes can be found. For any history buff, Europe feels like the worlds largest open museum.”Dale Davies

“I love Europe’s diverse culture and rich history. The different architectural styles throughout the ages tells a compelling story. In many ways, Europe feels very familiar, yet remarkably foreign.”Danielle Desir

inma gregorio galicia spain
Stunning view from Galicia, Spain. (Photo credit: Inma Gregorio)

“It is so easy to travel within the old continent and the fact that there are dozens of different countries with their own traditions, history, architecture, customs, and very diverse landscapes on it.”Inma Gregorio

“I love Europe because it really has everything imagineable! From gorgeous mountains and breathtaking scenery, to medieval castles and crystal clear water, Europe is a dream come true for any traveler!”Jessica Kay

“The history! Whether it’s a crumbling old castle out in the countryside, or a trendy loft apartment in the middle of the city, you still can’t help but wonder about all the people who have stood on that spot before you, and all of the things that site has witnessed.”Jessica Powell

“I love Europe because even though we can’t stop the progression of modern skyscrapers, we can still witness the coexistence of modernity alongside historical sites, rustic old towns and gothic architecture. Best of both worlds! 🙂 “Isabel Leong

katechka at Zámek Hluboká in the Czech Republic, the most popular Czech place to get married
Zámek Hluboká in the Czech Republic is the most popular Czech place to get married. (Photo credit: Katechka Hanzelková)

“Excellent continent to visit for a week or a lifetime,
Unforgettable memories and lovely people,
Remarkable history breathing at you from every stone and tree,
Obligatory must do for every true traveller,
Picturesque nature and beautiful cities,
Enchanting any time of the year.”Katechka Hanzelková

Lance and Laura LongwellGermany-Wurzburg-Residenz-statue
Go on a roadtrip in Germany! This photo is a photo of Wurzburg Residenz statue in Germany. (Photo credit: Lance Longwell)

“I love Europe’s small towns, especially road tripping through the countryside. While the big cities like London and Berlin get all the attention, I’ve found the towns and villages offer a quiet pace, amazing food, and better interactions with locals. For me, going small offers big rewards.”Lance Longwell

Lance and Laura Longwell Ireland-Jerpoint-Abbey
A photo of Jerpoint Abbey in Ireland. (Photo credit: Laura Longwell)

“It’s cheap! Given the decline of the Euro against other major world currencies, there’s really never been a better time to visit Europe. Right now, it’s like being able to travel for 30 to 40 per cent off!”Laura Longwell

Laura LynchSpaghetti_alla_Carbonara
Eat fresh pasta in Italy just like this Spaghetti alla Carbonara! (Photo credit: Laura Lynch)

“The thing I love most about Europe is the incredible and diverse food options, and since everything is so close, you could feasibly eat fresh pasta in Italy, schnitzel in Germany, fondue in Switzerland, bacalhau in Portugal, and Belgian Waffles in Belgium all in one two-week trip. Nowhere else in the world is there such an incredible concentration of international cuisines.”Laura Lynch

“There is such an abundance of history everywhere. I go to school above the site where Martin Luther defended his theses. Europe is so easy to travel around, I can visit so many places in just a few days! Besides, who can forget the amazing food on the European continent?”Marisa Martin

Mary Chong St-Peters-Basilica-Rome-Calculated-Traveller
Marvel at beautiful churches such as the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy. (Photo credit: Mary Chong)

“What I love most about Europe are the opulent churches! Barcelona has La Sagrada Família, Rome has the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica, Paris has Notre Dame de Paris, London has Westminster Abbey…the list goes on and on. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not — a visit just to marvel at the artwork inside, the shear size of the majestic architecture and the history are enough!”Mary Chong

“I have been living in Europe for the past four years, and I love how easy it is to travel around and explore different countries and culture here! There’s a whole lot of history, art, and culture everywhere and you can just plan any kind of vacation you would like to go for!”Menorca Chaturvedi

Nicole Smoot A view of Budva, Montenegro from Sveti Nikole island
Picturesque landscapes such as this one in Budva, Montenegro exist in Europe. (Photo credit: Nicole Smoot)

“I immediately fell in love with the Balkan countries on my first trip to Europe. I just love the striking landscapes of the region, especially the coastal areas of Montenegro with the dark mountains that seem to drop right off into the Adriatic.”Nicole Smoot

“Travelling through Europe feels both like stepping into a fairy-tale and a history book. There’s a sense of time that we don’t get in North America. I’m also in awe of the diversity of cultures, languages, and landscapes contained on such a small continent. I could travel through Europe forever and never be bored!”Nikita Eaton-Lusignan

“What I love about Europe is that there is such a diversity in such a small space. Within a few kilometres, it can take you to Roman times, medieval times, Renaissance, or to one of the most modern places of the world changing number of languages in between. It’s a dream world!”Nikoleta Míchalová

“I would have to say the history. There’s something about seeing churches and temples that are hundreds or thousands of years old, standing where wars were fought, and seeing where languages evolved and cultures have thrived. There are so many historical sites and museums that simply cannot be missed.”Paige Brown

“There are so many things I love about Europe- the culture, the food, the people- all wonderful in their own unique way no matter which country you are traveling to. Still, I have to admit, European beaches hold an extra special place in my heart. Whether looking for relaxation or a party atmosphere, they never disappoint.”Patricia Reddi

sandy rao paris
Wander aimlessly in the charming city of Paris, France. (Photo credit: Sandy Rao)

“Europe never fails to captivate and steal my heart because it blends its elegant old world charm with modernity in a very seamless manner. On the one hand, the sheer natural beauty it has leaves one intoxicated while on the other, its legacy of art and architecture leaves you awed and humbled. Whether it be the natural beauty of Switzerland, the regal romance of Rome or the finesse and culture of Paris, Europe enthrals you and you can never have enough of it.”Sandy Rao

sanket dhume busking
Enjoy performances of buskers in European streets. (Photo credit: Sanket Dhume)

“The one thing that I love the most is it’s incredible street-performance scene. Through school and college, I played for several bands, and music is naturally very close to me in that sense. I’ve attended plenty of live gigs and concerts but I don’t think anything comes close to the intimate nature of street-artist gigs. I’ve spent countless hours sitting/standing in small circles appreciating the talent of a street-artist, and one of my all time dreams is to catch my favourite artist – Mike Rosenber a.k.a Passenger at one of his many busking gigs across Europe.”Sanket Dhume

“I’m from Australia and my very first overseas trip was to Europe, firstly landing in Rome. It was an amazing experience walking around buildings and ruins built 2000 years ago, as there are no buildings in Sydney older than 200 years old. So, I definitely have to nominate the long and varied history!”Shandos Cleaver

Sharon Gourlay Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Explore a new street. This photo was taken in Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo credit: Sharon Gourlay)

“I love the history of Europe especially as I come from such a new country. I love walking through old streets and just soaking up the fact that people have lived in these places for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of years.”Sharon Gourlay

Stefan posing in Venice, Italy
Stefan Arestis admiring the canals of Venice, Italy. (Photo credit: Stefan Arestis)

“We love Europe because of all the rich history and culture everywhere to explore, whether it’s the canals of Venice or the more quirky attractions like the Little Mermaid bronze statue in Copenhagen. There’s plenty to see and do here and you can spend many many years exploring away.”Stefan Arestis

“You just can’t beat the sense of history and age in Europe, from the tiniest town square to the largest, grandest capital, everywhere a sense of oldness and tradition pervades. As I get older myself, there is something very grounding in this. A richness you can smell and taste, as well as touch and see.”Stephanie Parker

“The proximity of places, the easiness of getting around, the safety standards, … I love how so many languages and cultures live together and how you can experience that by travelling only minor distances. Europe is home for everyone!”Viktoria Urbanek


Laura Fairbourn Blagaj tekke in Bosnia
Take in the amazing-ness of Blagaj Tekke in Bosnia. (Photo credit: Laura Fairbourn)

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is a place to escape the craziness of Croatia while still having that Balkan atmosphere. The rich history and culture means that there is always something new to discover not to mention beautiful surroundings. Any visitor will be blown away by the beauty of the Blagaj Tekke, the stunning architecture and street art in Mostar, and picturesque hiking opportunities. All of this AND some of the friendliest people in Europe – what’s not to love?!”Laura Fairbourn


“To me Croatia is incredible. Its a country that’s steeped in history, has unique regionally based food, traditions and culture and of course lets not forget to mention the alluring Adriatic. If you haven’t sailed along the bewitching Dalmatian Coast yet, add it to your bucket list.”Sarah-Jane Begonja


This photo is a backstreet nearby the Square with the imposing figure of the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn in the background. (Photo credit: Luke Marlin)

“I was lucky enough to visit Prague twice during my trip to Europe a few years ago now and this was not by accident. It has such a rich cultural history, they played an important and interesting part in the wars, and is just filled with beautiful architecture. I could wander the markets in the Old Town Square for hours. It’s so big and wide that it is impossible to capture its grandeur and unique beauty.”Luke Marlin


“I love living in Paris because of the emphasis on enjoying life, slowly and properly: food is meant to be shared with company, not scarfed down at your desk; wine is for sipping on terraces, not a vehicle for getting drunk. Waiters wouldn’t dare rush you to pay to flip the table, even if your meal ended three hours ago. Many shops are still closed on Sundays and/or Mondays to give their employees a rest; and the whole country goes on vacation in August, because the French work to live, not live to work.”Edna Zhou

Geri Vladeva Paris-When Woman Travels
Take a moment and check out European cafes. (Photo credit: Geri Vladeva)

“For me, France is the country where everything is about beauty and culture. If you look well you will see it everywhere – in the architecture, literature, art, fashion but also in the food, etiquette, and even in the way the French people cherish their history. And even if they are so keen on culture, somehow they keep the simplicity in life and love for the robust, wild nature.”Geri Vladeva

“If you’re looking for romance, delicious food, amazing wine, chateaus, and gorgeous landscapes, then France is the place for you. I experienced the breathtaking beauty of the countryside (and the delicious wine it provided) and I also got to explore some incredibly gorgeous chateaus. I was also blown away by the sights in Paris like the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, adding a lock to the Love Lock Bridge, and the amazing way the Eiffel Tower rose high into the sky above everything else. This country fed my love for travel and inspired me to appreciate the little things that make each country so incredible.”Jess Shetler

“We love Europe because of its history, the food and the people. I love cobble stoned streets, alleys, and picture postcard perfect places like the Alsace region of France.”Paula McInerney


“I love the German language. The sound is nice background noise as I experience all the other things I love about Germany; their efficient and connected network of public transportation, the walkability of the various cities, villages, and mountain towns, and eating schnitzel and potatoes (with Rahmsauce – lecker!) at a small Gasthaus or Brauerei. Yes, my love of Germany can pretty much be boiled down to how easy it is to get around and the food.”Ann Belle

“Germany is one of those countries that often gets overlooked by tourists in comparison to some of the more popular European countries. However, I love this country (not just because I have family there) but because of the rich history. If there is one reason to visit Germany it is to see the beautiful castles, especially around Bavaria – my favourite being Schloss Neuschwanstein. The second reason is the pastry. The best breads and cakes come from Germany without a doubt! There is simply no way you can walk past a bakery without getting a pretzel or streuselkuchen (crumbled cake).”Mel Edward


“What I love most about Europe is the architecture! There are beautiful buildings everywhere you look, telling you a story about its past. From the grand opera houses to apartment buildings where locals go about their day to day, there is so much detail that go into each one. Despite living in Budapest for a couple of years, the novelty has not worn off. I could wander for hours just looking up and marvelling at the uniqueness of every building.”Adelina Wong


“Iceland: where winter consists of the Northern Lights, bubbling lagoons and glaciers. Not to mention, the waterfalls, wild horses and beautiful countryside in summer, what’s not to love? Relaxed and laid back, there’s definitely something for everyone!”Jessica Ingles


I love all the history that is still a very visible part of the landscape, both natural and man-made. Ireland still has a huge quantity of castles and forts still standing, and in the Burren you can’t walk five feet without finding a cluster of fossils. It’s magnificent. Working in a pub in Ireland for five months also gave me a real opportunity to experience just how socially complex the Irish are and I really love that about them. Even though they try their hardest to avoid emotional or serious conversation, there’s no joking around during a sing-song.”Curtis Engler


“I love hiking from village to village in the Italian Alps. One minute you’re trekking in nature, following the sound of a waterfall — and the next you’re in a cafe enjoying a cappucino!”Lauren Haas

“One of my favorite countries in Europe is Italy. I adore that there are so many natural landscapes in one little country. From the beautiful cliffs of the Amalfi Coast to the crystal blue water to the fields of Tuscany, the country is just breathtaking to me. I also love that they have taken the time to preserve the history in the country and share it with the world.”Tryphena Wade


Riga’s got somewhat of a reputation for being the location where lads visit for stag parties, strippers and the like, so I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with the city. However, venture out of the touristy Old Town and you’ll find gems ranging from the derelict-chic district of Andrejsala to the urban beaches of Kipsala Island. Of course, as a Canadian abroad, I was also much too excited to find a similar northern affinity for hockey in Latvia!”Mary Leong


Walk along the canals of Amsterdam but watch out for cyclists! (Photo by Jusz Travel)

“Aside from London, another favourite city of mine is Amsterdam. There is a huge contrast between Amsterdam during the day and Amsterdam during the night. Amsterdam is crazy even on a Sunday night! Be sure to walk along the canals during the day and eat “green” cupcakes or brownies at night while having the time of your life with friends watching a “show“.”Justine Kimoden


Ride on an Icelandic horse in Norway and take in breathtaking views such as this one! (Photo credit: Doug Bardwell)

“My favorite place was the Lofoten Islands, Norway where I went horseback riding on Icelandic horses. They are a small, but a wonderful breed of horse to ride. We rode up through a mountain pass and the views of the fjord on the other side were amazing. The hills were covered with spagnum moss and hiking around was like walking on a mattress. It was a perfect place to relax and enjoy a picnic.”Doug Bardwell


Nic Hilditch-Short St Mary's Basilica in Krakow, Poland
Admire St. Mary’s Basilica in Krakow, Poland. (Photo credit: Nic Hilditch-Short)

“We absolutely fell in love with the character, charm, and unique atmosphere of Poland when we visited Krakow last year. It has such a deep and at times dark history but yet an unbreakable spirit and resilience to it. The streets are stunningly beautiful, prices affordable for anyone, and the food is absolutely amazing!”Nic Hilditch-Short


Sandra Henriques Gajjar Hieronymites Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, in Portuguese) in Lisbon
Photo taken at Mosteiro dos Jeronimos or Hieronymites Monastery in Lisbon, Portugal. (Photo credit: Sandra Henriques Gajjar)

“Historically, geographically, and emotionally, Portugal is a country 100 per cent connected with the ocean and it shows everywhere. With a mix of influences of Roman, Germanic, and Islamic, no one can really pinpoint what the “Portuguese identity” is, which gives some flair of exoticism to the country’s 10 million people. Although Portugal has been an independent country since 1143, you can still see this diversity in the local cuisine, customs, and language. Travelers are attracted here by the temperate mild weather throughout the year and the diversity of vacation options – island, beach, mountain, city, surf, historical, ecotourism… I could go on forever!”Sandra Henriques Gajjar


“Serbia is often overlooked by travelers for some unknown reason. There are so many things to see and do, but my favourite has to be the floating bars and clubs along the river Danube, a definite must for all party goers. We also stayed on a floating hostel in the city of Belgrade which was even cooler! It was such a great place.”Holli McCarthy


“Slovenia, one of Europe’s smallest countries, is known for being plentiful in natural beauty and outdoor activities. The capital city, Ljubljana, is a mini-version of Vienna, steeped in dragon tales and guarded by a castle. The city centre is a tiny delight, easily walkable in a day with easy access to spectacular day trips like Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, Predjama Castle, Skocjan Caves, Lipica, and Piran.”Chantell Collins


“One place in Europe I really love is Costa Brava in Spain. Along with the modern and commercialized resorts, there are real treasures in there. Costa Brava is in Catalonia where you will fall in love with the interesting mix of Spanish and French cultures, traditions, cuisine, language, and beliefs.”Maria Stoyanova

“I studied in Spain for a semester, so I’m a bit biased, but I find this country to be so fascinating. The architecture alone has a layered history because of the constantly changing rulers. I love being able to see this mixture that still persists today, like in the Mezquita-Catedral down in Cordoba.”Samantha Elisabeth


Jessica Hill Interlaken-Mountain
Go hiking on the Swiss Alps! (Photo credit: Jessica Hill)

“Switzerland is an ideal country for any traveler. With picturesque mountains (think Interlaken’s rugged views of the Alps, which made my Top 10 Liveable Cities list!), there’s a cabin getaway, a ski vacation, or a hot spring dip just waiting for the outdoors adventurer. And with glamourous cities, friendly people (even friendlier politics!) and easy travel, there’s really nothing not to love (except, maybe, the prices).”Jessica Hill


Anekha Girn London Eye
Be a tourist and check out the London Eye. (Photo credit: Anekha Girn)

“England, the royal country well-known for traditional tea and scones, iconic buildings, and of course the Queen! England is a beautiful country with peaceful green rural areas surrounded by farmers and tractors to the busy city flooded with Londoners and red buses!”Anekha Girn

carole meyers Amberley Castle
Castles are sprinkled all over Europe. This one is the Amberley Castle in United Kingdom. (Photo credit: Carole Meyers)

“One of the things I love best about Europe is the castles. I started a “collection” of them long ago and have had the pleasure of staying in many. One of my favorites is Amberley Castle, which we traveled to by train from London, and were met at the station by the owner in their Land Rover–the stuff dreams are made of!”Carole Meyers

Laura Bronner house of parliament london
Another touristy thing to do in London is to check out the Big Ben at the House of Parliament. (Photo credit: Laura Bronner)

“Every time I arrive in the UK I get a little bit giddy. I look forward to the warming foods, the vibrant green rolling hills of the countryside, the kind people, and those stunning historic landmarks. Oh my, the history of this country makes my heart flutter.”Laura Bronner

“Scotland is a whole new world offering extremely kind people with irresistible accents and know how to party. When people are just too much, there are beautiful magical landscapes available to hike, drive, kayak, photograph, wander, backpack, and more. Scotch, bagpipes, kilts, Nessie, and red-heads? That’s my kind of place.”Megan Lewis

*This is the third of the seven series. Also check out what travel bloggers have to say about Asia and North America.

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