Budget Breakdown for My Two-Week Trip to Europe in the Summer

As promised, I am releasing a budget guide that I have used on my trip to Europe this year. I spent two weeks in Europe during the summer to celebrate my 25th birthday. My trip was from July 21 to Aug. 5, 2015. Here is a breakdown of all my expenses:

Before I left Canada, here is what I had spent so far:

CAD$1,820.70 Contiki European Magic Tour that includes transportation to seven countries, accommodations for the nine nights, some breakfasts and dinner, and some activities.
CAD$1,273.92 roundtrip flight from Edmonton to London and London to Edmonton.
CAD$178.10 Stonehenge (including tickets to Stonehenge and shuttle service to Stonehenge), Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon (including entrance to William Shakespeare’s birth place), and Coltswold tour with Premium Tours
CAD$59.81 London Eye Champagne Experience
CAD$0.00 Sky Garden ticket.
CAD$48.80 for two Heartbreak Hotel tickets (CAD$24.40 each). They had a deal for July shows where July shows are cheaper than August ones, so YAY! Show was at the Jetty
CAD$134.17 Eurostar train ticket Paris to London
CAD$107.45 Disneyland Paris Magic ticket

Total: $3,622.95

And here is a breakdown of my day to day expenses. All are converted to Canadian dollars so the values are just approximate. However, I have included the exact price on the side for you, as well.

July 21 (Edmonton to London) Daily total: CAD$101.66

CAD$3 apple juice at Edmonton International Airport

CAD$18.06 apple juice and roast beef sandwich at Toronto Pearson International Airport

CAD$80.60 oyster card for a week (£40)

July 22 (London) Daily total: CAD$160.28*

CAD$12.97 Ham and cheese toastie and Belgian chocolate cooler from Costa (£6.45)

CAD$40.83 three souvenirs (£20.30)

CAD$11.97 more souvenirs (£5.95)

CAD$4.02 busker at Westminster Abbey station (£2)

CAD$___ fish and chips (£___)*

CAD$50.26 iPhone charger portable (£24.99)

CAD$40.23 London Eye photo and souvenir (£20)

July 23 (Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath, and Stonehenge) Daily total: CAD$93.56

CAD$2 bottled water from Victoria Coach station (£0.99)

CAD$5.62 ham and mayo sandwich from Victoria Coach station (£2.79)

CAD$5.84 souvenirs (£2.90)

CAD$5.54 toffee for family (£2.75)

Entrance to the Roman Bath is not included in my Premium tour. It costs CAD$29.22/£14.50 and is inclusive of an audio tour.

CAD$29.22 entrance to Roman Bath (£14.50)

CAD$4.03 map of Bath (£2)

CAD$8.26 traveling beef empanada and bottled water from Pasty Presto (£4.10)

CAD$17.13 post card and magnet from Stonehenge (£8.50)

CAD$4.03 beer from Bath (£2) – guesstimate

CAD$11.89 pork hotdog with fries and coke from a kiosk at Canary Wharf (£5.90)

July 24 (London) Daily total: CAD$163.19

CAD$60.45 Uber ride from Rani to tito Joey’s house (£30)

CAD$100.75 lost key (£50)

CAD$1.99 bottled water (£0.99)

July 25 (London) Daily total: CAD$66.48*

CAD$6.04 oyster card top up (£3)

CAD$10.07 oyster card top up for Cherry Lou (£5)

CAD$50.37 dress from a market (£25)

CAD$___ Starbucks frappucino drinks (£___)*

CAD$___ Starbucks mug (£___)*

July 26 (London to Amsterdam) Daily total: CAD$142.97

CAD$2.61 bottled water from a vending machine at Royal National Hotel (£1.30)

CAD$12.07 small breakfast on board the ferry (£6)

Belgium. #belgium #europe #jusztravel #food #travel #explore #wanderlust #foodporn
My $11.03 lunch at a service stop in Belgium on the way to Amsterdam.

CAD$11.03 lunch at a service stop (7.60)

CAD$0.44 washroom (0.30)

CAD$46.45 sex show inclusive of two drinks (optional Contiki activity) *discounted price for Contiki (32)

IMG_4761 copy
This river cruise along the Amsterdam canal with an open bar is an optional activity during our Contiki so we had to pay extra for it. It costs CAD$45.72/ €31.50.

CAD$45.72 river cruise with open bar (another optional activity for Contiki) (31.50)

CAD$2.88 green muffin and smoke was 11 but was split between six people so it came out to about 2 per person

CAD$21.77 cab (15)

July 27 (Amsterdam to St. Goar) Daily total: CAD$126.26

CAD$36.68 souvenirs (25.27)

CAD$12.27 more souvenirs (8.45)

My super yummy CAD$13.35/€9.20 waffle with nutella, banana, and whipped cream plus a bottle of water (not in the photo).

CAD$13.35 waffle with nutella, banana, and whipped cream plus a bottle of water (9.20)

Hands down the best fries ever! It cost me CAD$1.67/€1.15 frites *split the price in half with a friend.

CAD$1.67 frites *split the price in half with a friend (1.15)

Entrance to the sex museum is actually pretty cheap and a must-visit! It costs CAD$5.81/€4.

CAD$5.81 entrance fee to Sex Museum (4)

CAD$1.02 washroom (0.70)

CAD$21.64 lunch at a service stop (14.91)

CAD$6.53 souvenir magnet from St. Goar (4.50)

CAD$23.95 more souvenirs (16.50)

CAD$3.34 hot chocolate at some cafe (2.30)

July 28 (St. Goar to Munich) Daily total: CAD$60.83

CAD$17.40 lunch at a service stop (11.99)

CAD$2.90 chocolate soft serve ice cream in Munich (2)

CAD$22.06 souvenirs (15.20)

CAD$2.90 bottled water (2)

CAD$0.73 postcard (0.50)

CAD$2.90 entrance to go up St. Peter’s church (€2) – guesstimate

I needed this drink after climbing up the stairs of St. Peter’s church to get a bird’s eye view of Munich. CAD$9/€6.20 double fudge mocca frappe at Caffe San Pietro.

CAD$9 double fudge mocca frappe at Caffe San Pietro (6.20)

CAD$0.73 busker (0.50)

CAD$0.03 a coin I tossed in the water fountain (0.02)

CAD$1.89/€1.30 pretzel

CAD$1.89 pretzel (1.30)

CAD$0.29 washroom (0.20)

July 29 (Munich to Innsbruck to Venice) Daily total: CAD$80.50

CAD$38.31 souvenirs (26.39)

I am really entertained by this guy so I had to give him some of my change. Plus he let me play with making bubbles and took a video of me making some! And he also put me inside of a bubble which was pretty cool! CAD$1.45/€1 then again CAD$2.90/€2.

CAD$1.45 bubble performer (1)

CAD$16.11 chicken cordon bleu lunch in Innsbruck (11.10)

CAD$21.73 chocolates at a service stop (14.97)

CAD$2.90 bubble performer (2)

July 30 (Venice) Daily total: CAD$162.80

CAD$6.53 bottled water and stracciatella gelato (4.50)

My fellow Contiki traveler, Geoffrey, said this is where you can get the best pasta in Venice, according to Tripadvisor. It was actually hidden and it was quite the adventure to find it. I do not remember the name of the place but I do remember how yummy and fresh my pasta was! CAD$8.71/€6

CAD$8.71 marinara pasta for lunch (6)

CAD$2.90 chocolate gelato (2)

CAD$1.55 souvenirs (1.07)

CAD$13.06 shot glass (9)

Yes, there’s a line up. Yes, the line up is quite long. Yes, you do have to pay CAD$11.61/€8 for entrance fee to go up San Marco tower. BUT there’s a lift and you get to see this view from the top. Yes, it is worth it.

CAD$11.61 entrance fee to San Marco tower (8)

You can never have too many gelatos! This one’s a tiramisu gelato (how Italian can you get?) and it cost CAD$2.90/€2.

CAD$2.90 tiramisu gelato (2)

CAD$22.64 souvenir (15.60)

CAD$10.16 venezia cap (7)

CAD$52.25 Italian leather hand bag (36)

CAD$2.18 washroom (1.50)

CAD$2.90 caffe gelato (2)

It is safe to say I ate the whole pizza and that has not happened before! CAD$19.60/€13.50 frutti di mare pizza for dinner.

CAD$19.60 frutti di mare pizza for dinner (13.50)

CAD$3.63 sitting fee at dinner (2.50)

CAD$2.18 speculoos gelato (1.50)

July 31 (Venice to Lucerne) Daily total: CAD$75.49

CAD$4.50 tiramisu at a service stop (3.10)

CAD$6.97 pizza and bottle of water at a service stop (4.80)

CAD$34.11 schnitzel and fries lunch at Mt. Stanserhorn (23.50)

CAD$21.19 souvenirs (14.60)

CAD$3.20 postcard (2.40)

CAD$5.52 Movenpick ice cream from a drug store (3.80)

August 1 (Lucerne to Paris) Daily total: CAD$59.84

CAD$31.69 four Swiss chocolates, one shot glass, and one magnet (23.80)

CAD$17.27 lunch (11.90)

CAD$6.53 madeleines from a service stop (4.50)

CAD$4.35 hazelnut Kit Kat (3)

August 2 (Paris) Daily total: CAD$143.35

CAD$2.17 post card (1.50)

CAD$11.55 ten keychains and one replica of Eiffel Tower (8)

CAD$12.99 crepe and bottle of water (9)

CAD$7.22 shot glass (5)

CAD$11.55 souvenirs (8)

CAD$25.98 more souvenirs (18) – guesstimate

CAD$58.17 macarons from Laduree (40.30)

CAD$7.22 lemonade from a cafe (5)

CAD$6.50 pop at the hotel (€4.50)

August 3 (Paris) Daily total: CAD$134.69

CAD$2.18 postcard (1.50)

CAD$13.79 luggage locker (9.50)

CAD$2.61 metro to Louvre museum (1.80)

CAD$34.55 two Starbucks mugs (23.80)

CAD$7.69 beef classic sandwich (5.30)

CAD$2.61 metro to chateau rouge (1.80)

CAD$2.61 metro (1.80)

CAD$13.79 milk-shake Americain (9.50)

CAD$4.35 postcards and magnet (3)

CAD$21.77 beef with wine sauce (15)

CAD$2.61 metro (1.80)

CAD$15.97 metro (11)

CAD$10.16 coke at La Favorite (7)

August 4 (Paris) Daily total: CAD$84

CAD$7.18 metro (4.95)

CAD$17.40 fish and chips lunch at Disney Paris (11.99)

CAD$8.69 magnet at Disney Paris (5.99)

CAD$43.55 buffet dinner at Disney Paris (30)

CAD$7.18 metro (4.95)

August 5 (Paris to London to Edmonton) Daily total: CAD$110.91

CAD$5.15 metro (3.55)

CAD$6.53 small hot chocolate and croissant from a cafe at the Eurotrail station (4.50)

CAD$60.39 cab to Heathrow airport (£30)

CAD$24.15 three Toblerone (£12)

CAD$14.69 chicken burger and bottle of water at Heathrow airport (£7.30)


I believe that those are all my expenses and I think I did a pretty decent job keeping track of my expenses. I did miss a couple which I have left blank but I am aware that I bought them, I just do not remember how much I have spent on them but the grand total is only off by not over $100 I do not think.

At the end of my trip, I have £101.37, €63.03, and 9.50 leftover money.

So, there you go! I hope you find this guide helpful! Let me know what you think at the comments section!



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  1. This is useful! We just booked a trip to Europe for next year and we need to plan out all of our expenses.
    Becky recently posted…Blogger mail day!My Profile

    • jusztravel
    • October 30, 2015

    I’m glad it helped you! <3 Where in Europe are you going?

    • Tiffany
    • October 30, 2015

    Looks like an amazing trip! You’re close to me! I’m in Calgary!

    • jusztravel
    • October 30, 2015

    That’s crazy! I am from Calgary too!

  2. Interesting post! Loved it!

  3. Wow! That’s pretty detailed trip. I went for a trip across Italy (Rome, Venice) Vatican and Paris France for 2 weeks. With a budget of 600 USD. I don’t know how I did it, but I was eating out pretty a lot. And did a small shopping 😀
    Mary Charie | Two Monkeys Travel recently posted…10 Awesome Things To Love in Sydney, AustraliaMy Profile

    • jusztravel
    • November 4, 2015

    I would love to know how you made it for two weeks in Europe with $600 budget!!

  4. This is a great financial guide. Interesting!
    Himanshu recently posted…My Tryst With Kunzum Pass: Road trip From Kaza To Kunzum TopMy Profile

  5. Excellent admin skillz there. Most important question – was it worth it?!
    Gemma recently posted…A Vancouver EngagementMy Profile

    • mar
    • November 5, 2015

    Unfortunately, Europe is not cheap but it seems that you did put your money into great food 🙂
    mar recently posted…Gaggan, Asia’s Best restaurantMy Profile

  6. So excited for you!!! Until when are you staying?
    Trisha Velarmino recently posted…Everything you need to know about the Tea Culture in LondonMy Profile

    • jusztravel
    • November 5, 2015

    Hi! I actually already went. I believe I mentioned it on my post that I spent July 21 to Aug 5 in Europe? 🙂

    • jusztravel
    • November 5, 2015

    haha yep! one can never go wrong when it comes to spending money on food! <3

    • jusztravel
    • November 5, 2015

    Every single penny spent was worth it! 🙂

  7. Thank you for this! I have an idea now for our Euro budget trip. Haha

  8. Very, very detailed! I applause you for that. It is so hard to write down nearly everything and you did an excellent job on the spending details!
    evan kristine recently posted…3 Reasons Why You Should Go On An AdventureMy Profile

    • jusztravel
    • November 6, 2015

    Thank you! and I know!! It was difficult

    • jusztravel
    • November 6, 2015

    You are welcome 🙂

  9. Love that it was spent on good food. I think you are right, every penny was worth it. Good job to you.
    karla recently posted…The Chill Out ProjectMy Profile

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