A night out in Amsterdam: Canal Cruise and Sex Show

At around 5:30 p.m. my Contiki tour group arrived at the Blue Square Hotel where we spent the night. We quickly put our luggage to our rooms and had a bit of time to freshen up before heading back down to the lobby.

IMG_4716_2 copy
Our hotel was literally square and blue. How nifty? 😛

At 7:30 p.m., a buffet dinner was served.

IMG_4708_2 copy

After dinner, we wasted no time and headed straight to the centre of Amsterdam for a canal cruise.

IMG_4730 copyIMG_4732 copyIMG_4747 copy

Once everyone was seated, we started the night off with Flugel shots and took it the Dutch way! We shook it, opened it with our teeth, took the cap, stuck the cap on our foreheads, and then took the shot. 😛

IMG_4797 copy

IMG_4753 copy
I don’t really drink but this one I actually like! It’s sweet! Although some of my friends find it taste like cough medicine.
IMG_4757 copy
At that time this photo was taken I did not know yet at that time that these were the people I was going to spend the majority of my time with during the tour! There were 50 of us on that tour and these were my people and I love them <3

The cruise was about an hour or so and it was a pretty relaxing cruise and a great way to get to know everyone from my tour group. There was an open bar, too, so everyone really loosened up and got us ready for what was coming next in the agenda, which was, of course, the famous Red Light District!

IMG_4759 copy
Sadly though, they were only serving wine, beer, and juice and I am not a big wine- or beer-drinker so I ended up just drinking apple juice! 🙂
IMG_4784 copy
I tried the rose wine, not for me.
IMG_4761 copy

Our tour guide told us a little bit about Amsterdam. She said that in Amsterdam, cyclists are the kings and queens of the road, not drivers or pedestrians. In fact, cars are expected to park as close to the edge of the street as much as possible to avoid cyclists keying their cars!

IMG_4804 copy

Another fun fact told by our tour guide was that in the middle of the Red Light District, there is a church and a kids’ day care (if I remember correctly? or was it a playground?). I wasn’t able to take a photo of it, though.

IMG_4792 copy
I’ve never seen a toilet this high up/tall before! This was the toilet in our boat.

IMG_4818 copy IMG_4813 copy

She also told us that when the curtains of house boats along the canals of Amsterdam are closed, it means that something (sexy?) is going on inside and that the Dutch always leave their curtains open for most of the time.

IMG_4789 copy
Curtains closed? You know what that means!

Another fun fact: the oldest prostitute in the Red Light District of Amsterdam is 85 years old. 🙂

IMG_4827 copy
Red lights? Windows? Yep.

After the canal cruise, we walked and headed straight to Casa Rosso to watch a sex show! On the way there, we finally saw the women of the Red Light District up close and personal. I would say it was pretty cool. I really liked some the women’s neon light clothing. I wouldn’t say I was shocked not because I have seen anything like it before because I haven’t but I kind of had an idea of what to expect although not really. I am not making sense right now, am I?

Anyways, all I am saying is that I am not going to be a prude and act all “oh my god! This is so weird!” because Hey! I was in the Red Light District of Amsterdam! Get over it.

IMG_4842 copy IMG_4850 copy IMG_4857_2 copy IMG_4860_2 copy

Anyways, when we got to Casa Rosso, we were told that they were full and we had to wait and come back at around 20 minutes. The rest of us went and looked for a cafe to try some cupcakes. 😉

(We were told by our canal cruise tour guide, though, that marijuana is actually not legal in Amsterdam but is allowed. Whatever that means?)

IMG_4862_2 copy
This was the first/original Bulldog. We passed by it on our way to Casa Rosso.

I went with a few people and at the door of a Bulldogs Cafe, we were asked to show some ID and silly me did not have one. I changed wallets before heading out, so my driver’s license was in my other wallet. Sigh. My friends said they’ll buy a cupcake and take it out for me instead. I didn’t know they could do that so I was worried that I might not be able to try a cupcake on my one and only night in Amsterdam but they did! After devouring our one cupcake split between six people, we headed back to Casa Rosso.

IMG_4867_2 copy
Waiting in line to get into Casa Rosso.

We watched the show for about two hours. I would say the highlight of the show for me was the audience participation! We had a good laugh because most of the people from our tour were called out on stage. I can’t tell you what happened, though. You have to go and experience it yourself. 😛

IMG_4872 copy
Show was over! It was a nice bonding experience 🙂

After the show, half of us decided to stay out and party while some of us decided to call it a night, including me. I know I should have stayed out for a little bit more and see what a night life in Amsterdam is like but I was exhausted and I wanted to save my energy for the next day where we get to see Amsterdam during the day. I am not a party kind of girl anyway and I did not know how to get back to our hotel so I decided to go back with my new-found friends and split a cab with them.

IMG_4881 copy
On our way back to our hotel, we chatted with our cab driver from Morocco, Ryan!

It definitely was my favourite night of my whole European trip for this year!

Expenses: 31.50 for the river/canal cruise with the open bar + 32 for the sex show which includes two drinks. (*This is a discounted price because we were with Contiki. Do not quote me on this but from what I remember regular price is about 40 for the sex show with no drinks and about 50 for the show inclusive of two drinks.) + 15 taxi back to the hotel = €78.50

Check out other fun things to do in Amsterdam by clicking here!


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  1. Amsterdam looks like such an interesting city. I can’t wait to experience it for myself!
    Jeh-C recently posted…Turning The Tides – Saving Our Sea TurtlesMy Profile

    • jusztravel
    • August 24, 2015

    Ho Jeh-C! When are you going to Amsterdam? <3 I loved it so much I wanna go baaacckkk!

  2. Justine, I remember you saying you were going to take a Contiki trip this summer. Looks like you had a blast. Those little bottles of Flugel reminded me of my own Contiki trip in Amsterdam so many years again. Fun city, definitely would love to go back and visit Amsterdam again, maybe a little more sober the next time.
    Alouise recently posted…Small Town Theater |Rosebud AlbertaMy Profile

    • jusztravel
    • September 22, 2015

    OMG! I know! I love Amsterdam!

  3. AHAHA you had me hooked on reading this when you said sex show. That is so funny! Amsterdam looks like a lot of fun

    • jusztravel
    • October 31, 2015

    haha It was definitely one experience I would never forget!

  4. I lived in the Netherlands for 4 years. Loved Amsterdam and all it offers.

    • jusztravel
    • October 31, 2015

    it is definitely one of my favourite cities!

    • Hil
    • November 1, 2015

    Looks like an interesting night! I did a dinner cruise in Amsterdam when I was 13, it was a very unique experience lol!
    Hil recently posted…Picture Book Month – Introductory InformationMy Profile

  5. It is one of my most favorite cities. I’ve been there twice and would love to return. Fascinating city!
    Carol Cassara recently posted…Not death, but HomecomingMy Profile

  6. Amsterdam seems like one of those must visit city, so many sights to see and such a different way of life. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Are you safe from mobile malware?My Profile

  7. Such an interesting place – someday I will get there. Thanks for sharing! 😀
    Diane recently posted…The Pumpkin Meringue Cookie DebacleMy Profile

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  9. Great post, it sounds like you had a great time. It’s in my bucket list, I’d love to visit someday 😊

  10. Haha, takes me back to my Amsterdam trip. The cupcakes AND the live sex show. What a brilliant experience, isn’t it?
    Medha Verma recently posted…How to spend 5 days in TokyoMy Profile

  11. I’m heading to Amsterdam this Friday, so it was great to read about your experience. Some interesting facts about the red light district – who would have thought that the oldest prostitute is 85 years old 😀 I definitely like to do a canal boat tour too. Can’t wait to visit!

  12. I’ve never been to Amsterdam but I want to now! Great article, definitely bookmarking for later.

  13. I didn’t do a canal cruise or a sex show while I was in Amsterdam, so maybe I’ll have to go back for another trip – you make it look so much fun! x

    • jusztravel
    • June 1, 2017

    OMG! You would love it! Plus, the food there is amazing!

    • jusztravel
    • June 1, 2017

    Haha it definitely wasn’t something I get to experience every day! 😛

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  15. I have lived In Holland for a little while and I have loved it! Amsterdam is beautiful, and in this post you managed to showcase all its different aspects 🙂 You made me want to go back there! On another note, I change wallet/purse all the time and I leave my ID behind every single time! I’m hopeless lol

    • jusztravel
    • July 14, 2017

    hahaha I feel you! It can be really frustrating changing wallets/purse then forgetting cards at home 🙁

  16. Wow I’ve never really thought of Amsterdam as a place to visit. And Boy am I wrong for that! Your pictures took me in the journey with you!

  17. I have always wanted to take a canal ride in Amsterdam! It seems like such a great way to see the city!
    Willow recently posted…Baked Tofu FriesMy Profile

  18. Amsterdam is so pretty! I want to go visit! Never would have guessed there’s a school or playground in the middle of the red light district! 😂

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