35 things to love about North America from 35 travel bloggers

(This is the second part of our seven part series. Our first one was about Asia! Check that one out here.)

Before doing this post, I was under the impression that North America only includes Canada and the United States but I was surprised when I found out that countries like Panama, Nicaragua, and Haiti are all part of North America. Interesting, eh? Read on to find out what travel bloggers have to say about this continent.

Tofino Beach by adelina wong
Relax at Tofino beach. (Photo credit: Adelina Wong)

“What I love most about North America, other than calling it home, is how vast and different it can be from both a cultural and physical standpoint. There are so many hidden subcultures within the continent and visiting somewhere in the south is an entirely different experience compared to the north. I love the mountains and the oceans and then not too far away are the canyons and wide expanses of desert. There is so much variety and so many things to discover in North America!” –Adelina Wong

“I’m from Canada and I’ve traveled around North America quite a bit. I definitely want to travel outside North America as well, but North American destinations always ending up popping up on my travel radar, partly because there are a variety of things to see and do here. There are outdoor adventures, cultural cities, small quirky towns, and scenery ranging from mountains to beaches and everything in between. I could travel the world, and there’ll still be places in North America I want to visit.” –Alouise Dittrick

“I love that I can drive for three days on the same highway and never see the same scenery. The open space and diversity in landscapes across North America is breath-taking and accessible to everyone.” –Dan McElroy

“The road trips! I love that you can drive to what feels like a totally different country due to the many different landscapes on the continent! However, my favourite has to be the beautiful rugged wilderness of the north west coast and the rich marine environment.” –Gemma Glynn

chicago architecture by Inma Gregorio
Marvel at some architecture in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. (Photo credit: Inma Gregorio)

“NORTH AMERICA’s ARCHITECTURE! Although already outdated thanks to the craziness that mega urbes are experiencing these days, I find those skyscrapers that started shaping the modern architecture last century absolutely essential and priceless. above is a black and white snapshot of downtown Chicago that I took last Summer on my fourth trip to the country for work. Aren’t they stunning?” –Inma Gregorio

“I love North America because of the diverse landscape in the National Park systems. Between Canada, Mexico, and United States, there are 169 National Parks. These parks encompass over 148,510 acres of land. These parks protect beaches, mountain, and grassland. Even if the parks are next to each other, the park is uniquely its own.” –Jennifer Melroy

“Having done a lot of road trips in US, I know this is the place to turn up the volume and enjoy Willie Nelson, “On the Road Again”. Love the idea that you can drive all the way from eating empanadas in Mexico to discover great polar bears in Canada.” –Kirsten Kester

Mexico-Cozumel-Chankanaab-Park-beach by Lance Longwell
Enjoy the sun, sand, and water at Cozumel Chankanaab Park beach in Mexico. (Photo credit: Lance Longwell)

“North America isn’t homogenous. We have the Rocky Mountains of Colorado towering above 14,000 feet, but we also have beautiful and amazing beaches in Mexico. North America’s beauty is in its size and diversity!” –Lance Longwell

okanagan valley near Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada by Laura Lynch
North America grows some of the finest wines! This photo was taken at Okanagan Valley near Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo credit: Laura Lynch)

“There are so many great wine growing regions in North America including Napa and Sonoma in California, Columbia Valley in Washington, and Okanagan Valley in Canada. It is a wine lover’s paradise.” –Laura Lynch

“I love North America for so many reasons and different reasons to others. I love the array of different cultures whether it’s jumping over to another state within the USA or jumping the border to Canada each place is a unique experience, culture, array of accents, difference of people and creativity.” –Laura Rose Brown-Thomas

Balance Rock from Arches National Park in Utah by Mary Chong
North America has some unique landscapes. This photo was taken at Balance Rock from Arches National Park in Utah, United States of America. (Photo credit: Mary Chong)

“I love that the USA National Park Service and Parks Canada both have annual passes available for purchase that allow unlimited entry to all the national parks in their respective countries. It’s an awesome inexpensive way to get in touch with nature when you are on a cross country road trip or if you are planning multiple road trips throughout the year.” –Mary Chong

“Like most travelers, I suffer from restlessness. I also get bored super easy. So I love North America because it offers such variety in landscape, weather, culture, and atmosphere. I can go from a slow-paced, mountainous, adventurer’s paradise to an over-crowded, concrete jungle that never sleeps with a single flight. The options are endless and I love it!” –Michaela Hall

woods by mountains and passports
Get lost in the woods. (Photo credit: Mountains and Passports)

“I love the deep northern woods that are filled with pine trees, moose, and bears. You can still smell the wildness of the new world when you go far enough in.” –Mountains and Passports

“North America has everything. Beaches, national parks, mountains, ski resorts but what I really love is the food! New York pizza, Tex Mex, philly cheese steaks, mac and cheese, southern BBQ and of course, donuts for breakfast! Oh and I do love some good old fried chicken.” –Sally Munt

grand canyon by Sebastien Chaneac
Go on a trip with a friend to see a breathtaking sight like this! (Photo credit: Sebastian Chaneac)

“What I love about North America is its variety of landscapes and its stunning scenery!” –Sébastien Chaneac

“Montreal, Canada has a bit of both the old and the new worlds all bundled into a lively city. The amazing food, great design and culture, old monuments and architecture, la langue francaise, smashing music scene and beautiful nature makes it a city like no other in North America.” –Amélie Gagné

“One of the things most commonly associated with Canada is maple syrup- and it’s totally worth making the trip for. Just make sure you get the real deal- none of that fake ‘table syrup!’ For the best maple experience plan on a visit in early spring (March, April) for maple season. –Hannah Logan

Lake Louise by Jusz Travel
Enjoy a view you can only usually see in a postcard! Photo taken in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. (Photo credit: Jusz Travel)

“What I love most about Canada is the fact that it has four seasons. I grew up in the Philippines and from where I came from, we only had two seasons: sunny and rainy. I have now lived in Calgary for six years and sometimes, we get to experience all four seasons in one day! How crazy is that?” –Justine Kimoden

Quebec City, Canada by Karisa Klee
Experience French culture in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. (Photo credit: Karisa Klee)

“One of the things I love most about North America is that you don’t have to travel all the way to Paris to feel like you’re in France. Plan a trip to Quebec City in Canada instead! The city is stunning, and is brimming with history, elegance and culture. You’ll particularly fall in love if you’re a “foodie” since the city offers an array of world class restaurants where you can experience French and Canadian delights (make sure you try poutine)! Visit the historic Chateau Frontenac, a majestic castle-like hotel that looms over the city, then settle in on one of the city’s many sunny patios to enjoy a glass of French champagne and some spectacular people watching.” –Karisa Klee

bear by kathryn burrington
North America has some of the cutest wildlife! (Photo credit: Kathryn Burrington)

“A magical and remote part of British Columbia, the Great Bear Rainforest is home to wolves, grizzly bears, and the rarely seen white bear, commonly known as the Spirit Bear. I was lucky enough to recently visit this region of Canada, the last great expanse of temperate rainforest. While the elusive Spirit Bear eluded us, we were treated to the opportunity to photograph grizzlies as well as the forest itself, creating memories that will last forever.” –Kathryn Burrington

“I am very fortunate to call Canada my home as it is known for its vast natural beauty. There are so many hiking trails in lush forests, stunning waterfalls, and majestic mountains to explore. North America has both incredible natural places and iconic bustling cities – the best of both worlds!” –Lauren

“Being born in Canada I may have a bit of a biased perspective, but I love that North America has such a range of climates. Especially a city like Vancouver, where you can ski on Whistler and then head down to the ocean and surf on the same day!” –Lindsay Nieminen

“Love all the seasons in North America, but Fall/Autumn takes the cake for me. Its that time of the year, when colors take over the entire landscape and everything seems to come alive with the oranges, yellows, browns and reds. The crisp weather & the loud burst of colors makes Canada look like a postcard.” –Vasudha Aggarwal


Coatepeque El Salvador by Dave's Travel Corner
Watch the sunset at Coatepeque, El Salvador. (Photo credit: Dave’s Travel Corner)

“I love the fact I can speak enough Spanish to get by and take a relatively short flight from where I live in California to a number of places on the continent where Spanish is the primary language. When you speak the language of your destination, it makes travel so much more interesting. I was at my cousin’s wedding late last year at one of the most inspirational places in Central America I have ever been to – Lago De Coatepeque in El Salvador. Escaping the cooler temperatures of the north – we were rewarded with warm bright blue sunny days and gorgeous scenery along the shores of this volcanic lake.” –Dave’s Travel Corner


“Every “ting” is Irie, Mon, in Jamaica, the land of hot sun, spicy jerk chicken, tropical fruit rum drinks, and amazing sunsets. My fondest enduring memory of this gorgeous Caribbean island, though, is the friendly people. Taken as a whole, Jamaicans are the happiest and most sincere people I have met around the world. Jamaica ’tis a very Irie place, Mon.” –Charles McCool


golden gate bridge by Alicia Mae
See iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, United States of America. (Photo credit: Alicia Mae)

“The thing that I love about North America are the iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge!” –Alicia Mae

grand canyon by Brittney Chantae Stephens
See the grandeur of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States of America. (Photo credit: Brittney Chantae Stephens)

“With only a few hundred years of nationalization under its belt, the United States is still a country in its infancy, lacking in the preservation of age-old architectural feats, of which remnants remain throughout much of the world, save for some stunning cliff dwellings, petroglyphs and pictographs still intact from native civilizations. But the U.S. is an expansive country with varying climates, geography and topography, boasting some of the most diverse and beautiful environmental settings the world round. It’s no wonder North America is home to two of seven natural world wonders- Paricutin Volcano in Mexico and the Grand Canyon in the United States. They don’t call it ‘America the Beautiful’ for nothing.” –Brittney Chantae Stephens

“What makes America so special to me is variety and spirit. The States each have their own flavor from the New Orleans Quarter, party capital of the South to the California coast, sunny and laid back. Then there is New York, a city on steroids. This is the place I call home. Yes we New Yorkers have a reputation for rudeness…don’t believe it! We may be impatient at times and quick to escalate, most will admit to that, but it is that fiery spirit that get harnessed into mobilization during times of calamity. New Yorkers and, for that matter Americans possess great empathy and willingness to help others. It is for that reason that after a wonderful trip anywhere, I look forward to coming home.” –Lisa Buneo

“Duffs bar is one of the best places in NYC. The first time I went there, gotta confess that I thought it would be a Simpsons bar. I was never more wrong​: Duffs bar is the metal mecca of New York City! The bar has an amazing decoration, great music, great prices and more often than not, you can find somebody from a Metal band you love! It is my favorite bar in Brooklyn and it is on the corner of the Marcy Ave. stop on the JMZ. You must check it out!” –Marcela Faé

Beautiful Hawaiian sunsets can only be found in North America. (Photo credit: Noel Morata)

“If you look beyond the tacky tourist districts and mega resorts, Hawaii is really paradise worth discovering. Each of the islands are unique and offer different activities, adventure, and recreation. Make sure to take the time to explore nature and the the small towns, unique local foods, and markets and you will discover the beauty and aloha of Hawaii.” –Noel Morata

“The bold, lavish characteristics consume me! It’s a cliche but cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas really do bring your soul to life and make you believe in reaching for the stars!” –Rebekah Hughes

“New Orleans, Louisiana is the single best destination in North America –> the food, the people, the nightlife, the art, the booze!” –Saianel

“I love many things about North America but my favourite has to be the chance to do a US road trip! Our Deep South road trip has to be one of my favourite adventures ever. Nowhere is made for road trips like the USA.” –Sharon Gourlay

Times Square, NYC, USA by Stefan Arestis
Exploring this concrete jungle. Photo taken in Times Square, New York City, New York, United States of America. (Photo credit: Stefan Arestis)

“What I love about North America is Manhattan. Every corner has something different, screaming with personality of some sort. Great place.” –Stefan Arestis

“Bagels & Pizza in New York and beignets in New Orleans.” –Tagging Miles

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  1. That picture of El Salvador makes me want to go there right now! Beautiful. Oh, and I LOVE bears, so I’m definitely going to check out the Great Bear Rainforest!
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  3. That ice hockey game in Alberta looks like so much fun! What a cool thing to see. Great post, Justine!

    • jusztravel
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    Thank you, Brittney! That photo is very Canadian. haha 😛

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  5. I d love to say that I had wisdom to pass on simply from being on the earth for three and a half decades but the truth is that I learned all of the significant things in the last 2-3 years while traveling in Latin America.

  6. What an interesting post! So good to read how other blogger think about North America and their favourite places. And why people love America and Canada 🙂
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