Stampede Club Crawl 2015, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

July 3rd marks the first day of Calgary Stampede 2015 and what better way to celebrate it than to go on a Stampede Club Crawl. Although I have lived in Calgary for more than five years, I have never been on a Stampede club crawl. This is my first time ever! First reason I decided to do this is because my cousin Jessica is visiting Calgary from San Diego so my brother and I took her out. Second reason is to celebrate my 25th birthday! Woot! Woot! Third reason is I need to practice for my Eurotrip. Haha. ­čśŤ

I am really not used to the party scene and not really into country music but it was overall a really good experience. I really enjoyed the double bus that we had on the way to our last stop. It was crazy!

Anyways, tickets were CAD$30 because we bought it before June 23. Ticket includes the following:

“* 4 of the hottest Stampede Nightclubs and Party Tents
* Super fun party bus transportation between clubs
* Absolutely no cover charges and no waiting-in-line* Massive contests & prizes
* Official Mardi Gras bead laces
* Exclusive access to Canada’s largest Stampede celebration”

*A drink at Commonwealth.

We started at Commonwealth, then Ranchman’s, then The Pint, and lastly, at Knoxville. We didn’t even stay at Knoxville and my cousin really liked Commonwealth so we decided to go back there instead.

We had to pay CAD$10 to get in Commonwealth again but that’s okay because they gave us a free ticket for Sunday which was worth CAD$17.

I believe there were at least 80 people in our club crawl. There were three buses in total but one was double the length of a regular bus.

Here is a video I made from the event.

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