Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Burgos, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

For some of you who may not know, the Philippines was colonized by the Spanish/Spaniards for over 300 years from 1521 to 1898. Don’t be surprised if you visit the Philippines and you see Spanish-looking houses, churches, or buildings especially up in Northern Philippines or you find that some of the Filipino food have some Spanish influences or that the Filipino language has some similarities with the Spanish language.

With that being said, this post is about Cape Bojeador Lighthouse or Burgos Lighthouse which was built during the Spanish-era and is one of the many things Spain left behind for the Filipinos.

On December 24, 2013, my family went on an Ilocos roadtrip and one of our stops is the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse located on top of Vigia de Nagpartian hill in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

Cape Bojeador lighthouse, Burgos, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Magin Pers and Pers designed the lighthouse in 1887 and was finished by Guillermo Brockman. The lighthouse was first lit on March 30, 1892.

1501676_10152161906753217_1082596224_n“The Cape Bojeador lighthouse was part of the Spanish government’s master plan of illuminating the Philippine Archipelago.”

(Photo credit: my cousin)

This 65-foot-tall lighthouse is made with bricks and was mainly used to serve as a guide for the galleons that sail by Cape Bojeador during the Spanish Colonial period.

View from the Cape Bojeador lighthouse.

The lighthouse is now considered by the Philippine Government as a National Historical Landmark and a National Cultural Treasure since August 13, 2004 and June 20, 2005, respectively.

1525316_10152161908063217_1483636322_n“After over 100 years, it still functions as a welcoming beacon to the international ships that enter the Philippine Archipelago from the north and guide them safely away from the rocky coast of the town.”

Going further up the lighthouse. That is my cousin in the photo.

It is now believed that Cape Bojeador lighthouse is haunted. I am too scared to google about the ghost that resides in the lighthouse so I could not tell you any more about it.

Doesn’t this photo gives you a little bit of the creep?


This was the closest we could get to the lighthouse. Visitors are no longer allowed to enter the lighthouse probably because of the ghost? That is my cousin in the photo, by the way.


A miniature version of Cape Bojeador lighthouse.


600660_10152161904553217_1306704839_nInformation about the Cape Bojeador lighthouse were taken from a sign posted in the premises.

Want to know more about Spanish colonization in the Philippines? Click this.

Want to know more about the town of Burgos in Ilocos Norte, Philippines where the Cape Bojeador lighthouse is located? Click this.

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  1. I actually didn’t know that about Spain colonising the Philippines! Interesting story

  2. I’ve been to Ilocos but never had the chance to visit this area. I hope that they lift the image of the cape. It looks classy but I think it needs more improvements.
    Cai Dominguez recently posted…Not Your Ordinary Travel Guide to Pinto Art MuseumMy Profile

  3. Cool looking place and looks deserted…
    It could be somewhere out of a movie too. Interesting post šŸ™‚
    James | The Globe Wanderers recently posted…Keep Calm and Travel OnMy Profile

  4. WOuld love to explore this place when in that part of the world. Thanks for sharing!
    Himanshu recently posted…My Tryst With Kunzum Pass: Road trip From Kaza To Kunzum TopMy Profile

    • Gemma
    • November 22, 2015

    I did not know that the Spanish colonised the Philippines, every day is a school day! Thanks for teaching me something new!
    Gemma recently posted…Raincouver – POTF ’16My Profile

  5. What a neat part of the country’s history! We didn’t get a chance to visit when we were there but those photos are a great tour through the lighthouse. And yes, it does look a bit creepy! May have to Google the ghost just out of curiousity!
    Carolann – One Modern Couple recently posted…Nobu Manila: A View From Inside The Golden TowersMy Profile

  6. Beautiful place! Sucks I’ve never gotten the chance to visit other places in Philippines everytime I’m there.

    • mar
    • November 24, 2015

    So my ancestors built this, interesting šŸ™‚ I find these places that are so old and played an important role long ago quite fascinating, as if the walls could speak. Thanks for the photo tour
    mar recently posted…3 African luxury resorts not accessible by roadMy Profile

    • jusztravel
    • November 24, 2015

    you are from Spain? šŸ™‚ There are a lot of century-old Spanish churches and buildings in the Philippines! you are very welcome!

  7. Never been to Phillipines so definitely got to learn something new šŸ˜€
    Vedante | The Lavish Nomad recently posted…9 Reasons to travel solo in your 20źœ±My Profile

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