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By: Jennie McMurtry

(All photos in this post are courtesy of Jennie McMurtry)

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I am a firm believer that everyone on earth is connected by six degrees of separation. If this is true, what impact do your daily actions have on others? How far can a chain of good deeds spread? Could it stretch to every corner of the globe? These are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night. My name is Jennie and I am the founder of Global Love Fund. My partner Brandon and I believe that spreading smiles and kind acts through video and social interaction, will go far to change the outlook of the world.

Global Love Fund is a project designed to inspire and reward positive actions. It does this in two ways. The first is the online community with forums, videos and inspiration where members can interact and learn from each others. With each interaction members earn points for prizes. Our main prize being offered are packages of Love Fund Card. What are Love Fund cards? I’m glad you asked!

Love Fund Cards are a whole new way to make an impact in the world. They are very unique because each card has a special number and a handwritten message from the original owner. Because of the special number, they can be used to track and see where a good deed goes. The processes is simple, after you receive your card, you find someone, perform a random act of kindness (ROAK), give that person the card and they agree to pay to the good deed forward. Anyone involved can then go write their story on the site. If you’re more of a visual person, here you go. (Still have questions, hit me up directly jenniemc08@gmail.com)


But Global Love Fund is so much more than a website, we’ve set out to bring a movement of change into the world. In order to spread this movement far and wide, we will be recording everything and releasing videos on YouTube. We are doing this because we have a firm belief that when a kind act is performed in public it benefits three people:

1. The person receiving. From a meal to a smile and everything in between a small act of kindness can have a big impact.

2. The person giving. Not only does it give them warm fuzzy feelings, it has been proven to increase good health and longevity.

3. Anyone who witnessed it. This is often an overlooked benefactor and it’s too bad, because the ROAK is just as inspirational to someone who witnessed it, as it is to someone who was directly involved.

Each episode will focus on a different country and also include travel tips and discussion about culture. We’re excited to see how this concept plays out from country-to-country as we’re sure no two people will react the same. Through each episode and with the online community, we hope to inspire others to give fully and show viewers that kindness is still out in the world. If this is a passion you can agree with and a change you want to see, here are some steps you can take to join the #GlobalLoveMvmt

1. Visit the website, www.globallovefund.com and sign-up to join the movement.

2. Connect with us on your addiction of choice Twitter, Facebook,Instagram,Tumblr, or Google+. Just look for GlobalLoveFund

3. Spread the world! Our Facebook page has an album with cover photos that you can download and use. I will even make special one just for you! Send me a request jenniemc08@gmail.com

4. This is the fun one! Take the #GlobalLoveChallenge and create a video telling a story about a time you were shown kindness. Tag your friends and challenge them to do the same. Here’s mine!

We appreciate any support you show for the movement and can’t wait to meet all of you, because you are truly awesome


Jennie McMurtry is the founder of Global Love Fund. She has travelled to many countries and lived in four. After graduating with a degree in Music Business, she found her true calling in creating social change. She has taken on the challenge of seeing as much of the world as possible, while documenting it all on YouTube and her blog.
Social handles:

Twitter: @GlobalLoveFund

Facebook: /GlobalLoveFund

Instagram: @GlobalLoveFund

Tumblr: GlobalLoveFund

*Interested in providing content on Jusz Travel? E-mail me at jusztravel@gmail.com. I try to post at least one guest post a month.

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