Drayton Valley Pro Rodeo 2015

I usually go home to Calgary on the weekends I do not work but one particular weekend, I made an exception. I decided to stay in Drayton Valley from May 1 to 3 because the Drayton Valley Pro Rodeo is on and I thought, “Well, I have not been to a rodeo before and Alberta is big on rodeos so I should go!”

Tyson Pietsch, Drayton Valley Pro Rodeo President, was kind enough to give me a FREE weekend pass to the event and here are just some of the photos I took.

20150503DVprorodeo0468 copy

20150503DVprorodeo0463 copy

I went to watch the rodeo on its first and last night which were all held at the Drayton Valley Omniplex. I was not able to go on the second night because I was in Edmonton with a friend.

It was pretty interesting, I must say. I have never seen anything like it before. This event made me realize it is not that easy to stay on a horse or a bull!! I cannot say that I understand how scoring works or anything but I really do look up to all the cowboys who were there at the event! I think they are all winners!

20150503DVprorodeo0450 copy 20150503DVprorodeo0413 copyThere was also that competition where they were roping calves which was also pretty entertaining to watch!

20150503DVprorodeo0407 copy

One of the biggest rodeos in Canada, though, is held every year in Calgary. It is called the Calgary Stampede and is held in July. I have watched the Calgary Stampede parade but have never watched the Calgary Stampede rodeo. I guess I was just never interested and Calgarians are really big on that. So maybe I should make time to watch the rodeo during Calgary Stampede  this year? What do you think?

20150503DVprorodeo0403 copy 20150503DVprorodeo0402 copy 20150503DVprorodeo0389 copy

I really did enjoy watching the rodeo and I would definitely watch it again!

Anyways, I realized that I should learn to appreciate what I have in my own backyard even if it starts out as something I am not really interested in. Experiencing life is not only about doing things you like, it is also about doing things you are not so sure about in the beginning. Who knows? Maybe you will end up liking it?

20150503DVprorodeo0373 copy 20150503DVprorodeo0365 copy 20150503DVprorodeo0355 copy

Giddy up!

P.S. Have you been to a rodeo before? Where and how was it? Did you like it or not? Drop me a line <3

20150503DVprorodeo0335 copy 20150503DVprorodeo0294 copy 20150501DVprorodeo0291 copy 20150501DVprorodeo0055 copy 20150501DVprorodeo0028 copy

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  1. Good for you for checking out your first rodeo! Great photos. If you come down to see the rodeo at Stampede you will have to attend the Chuckwagon Races, otherwise affectionately known as the “Chucks”. It is the best part of the Stampede in my opinion.

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