Zorbing at North Peace Stampede near Grimshaw, Alberta, Canada

Sometime in the summer of summer 2014, my family, a friend, and I went to the North Peace Stampede held at the Lac Cardinal Sports Grounds. It was my first time to try something like this! I believe it is called a Zorb ball but I do not know what this activity is called. A Zorb ball is basically “a human-sized hamster ball.” Anyways, my ex-boyfriend and I always wanted to try this activity out when we were in the Philippines but we never got the chance. So when I saw it at the stampede near Grimshaw, I decided I should do it!

The ball was not inflated when you first get inside. Once inside, that is when they put the air in and I was asked to cover my ears while they were filling the ball up with air.

Oh man! It was a lot of fun! It was a bit too hot inside the ball, to be honest, and the warm weather did not help. I was sweating inside! Haha. Trying to move the ball is not easy, I must say! Still a lot of fun and I would recommend it to everyone! ­čÖé

Expenses: $10 (if I remember correctly)

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