The Beginning of my Drayton Valley Adventure

It is 4:54 a.m. right now and I am half-awake. I shouldn’t be. I should be getting more sleep as today is going to be a big day for me. It will be my first day working for Sun Media (well, not quite true. I worked for them as an intern more than a year ago.) I will be working as a multimedia journalist for the Drayton Valley Western Review.

Anyways, I slept at around 11 and then I had a dream about my classmates and instructors from SAIT Polytechnic congratulating me on my new job, and then I woke up a few minutes after. Crazy me looked at my phone and then I could not go back to sleep anymore. ­čÖü Wrong move!

I tried going back to sleep but then my brain is now filled with worries. Nothing really of great importance but I just really worry a lot. Like, right now, I am thinking if I bought the right cable to hook up to the telephone and my audio recorder. I want to test it right now but I can’t come to the office because I have no key. I can’t come to the office at 9 when they open because I have a meeting to attend to. The earliest I could come is maybe 2 p.m. or I don’t really know what time the meeting ends.

I am also worried about whether or not my audio recorder is still working as I have not used it for almost two years. I hope it does because really I am so broke right now.

I am also thinking about getting a microwave because I do not have one and having a microwave is somewhat important. I have other things I need at home but man, I really am tight on money right now. I guess the bottom line is, I am on a tight budget and I can not afford to spend money so here’s to hoping that a rainy day is not in my near future.

So far, though, I am liking it in Drayton Valley. There are so much more people and stores and stop lights here!! People seem to be really friendly. It is like a good combination of small town and city living. The people are super nice and friendly like in a small town but there are more options on what to do or where to eat just like in a city! Don’t get me wrong, it is nothing like Calgary or anything like that but working and coming from a really small town of 2,000 people before I moved here, there really is a big difference!

Here’s to hoping that this awesome feeling I have about Drayton Valley lives up to my expectations. Cheers to this new adventure!


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