Hello everyone! Yesterday, my sorority sister shared an article on my wall about Global Degree looking for a female traveler to join them on their second season as they go to Asia. This lucky girl (hopefully me) gets to be the first female to get her Global Degree which means she gets to visit all 193 countries that are part of the United Nations. Here are the reasons why I want this:

1. Aside from the fact that I love traveling, I am also a journalist which makes me a great addition to the team. By being a journalist, I am equipped with skills like writing, photography, and video making that are important part of being a member of the Global Degree TV team. I will be able to help tell our travel stories. If and when I am chosen, I will not only be there for the free ride as I will be a useful member of the team.

2. I moved halfway around the world from the Philippines to Canada. It was a difficult thing to do. Moving to a new country where you do not know anyone and having to go through culture shock? Six years later, I can say I have adapted and that experience made me a better person. There are places in this world I will be scared to visit but if I get to go with Mike and Alex, seasoned travelers, it would definitely help me see the world in a different perspective and not be as scared as I am now. I could say that moving halfway across the world is a brave thing to do, that is another important quality Mike and Alex’s new travel buddy should possess.

3. I have this tradition where I travel some place new on my birthday every year. I think that spells out dedication in trying to see the world as much as I can. Obviously, I do not have the means to travel more but if and when chosen by Mike and Alex, then DREAM COME TRUE!

4. Everything I do, I do for travel. Back when I was still in the University of Calgary, I volunteered at Centre for International Students and Study Abroad because I am really fascinated by people from all over the world. I want to meet people who are from a different culture than me.

5. I have always wanted to be a broadcaster but I have always been a really shy person (which is why I am working for a newspaper and not TV). However, if and when given the chance to be chosen, this will definitely get rid of my shyness and fulfill my dream not only of going to new places but being able to share it with everyone in a different media format.

With that being said, I am begging you to help me get this wonderful opportunity by creating a buzz in the online world. Post a video on Youtube, tweet me, share/like/comment on Facebook, post a photo on instagram telling Global Degree why they should pick me. You can use @globaldegree or #globaldegreetv to tag them, you can also post on their Facebook wall here https://www.facebook.com/GlobalDegreeTV and tell them why I would make the best female travel companion. Please also use the hashtag #kimodenforglobaldegreetv . Don’t forget to share my video but most importantly, Mike and Alex from Global Degree TV wants to hear from you why I should be their female travel buddy.

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    • Kristie
    • February 12, 2015

    Good luck Justine!!!

  1. thank you Kristie! please help me convince Global Degree to choose me by messaging them 🙂 That would be really great!!

    • dane
    • February 13, 2015

    GOOD LUCK GIRL! Hope GlobalDegree pick you as their girl travel buddy!

  2. Thank you dane!

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