Jusz Travel got her Canadian Passport

Earlier this year, I received a letter saying I am going to take my Canadian citizenship test. I was so worried I would fail that I studied really, really hard. I have been waiting for this moment for a loooong time. The main reason was because I wanted to have a Canadian passport so bad because I know that with a Canadian passport, I could visit more countries freely (which means I do not need to apply for travel/tourist visas). I went to my citizenship test at the Harry Hays building in downtown Calgary and right after the test, they immediately let us know how we did and thankfully, I got a perfect score! I was soooo happy.

But then, I was worried because they wanted me to come back June 2014 for my oath taking which means I have to give up my Canadian permanent resident card and apply for my Canadian passport. The thing is, I already booked my flight for New York in March for July 1 and I was not sure if I could make it to my trip if my Canadian passport application don’t get processed on time. Fortunately, I went back to the Harry Hays building a day after my oath taking which was on June 13 to submit my passport application and told them that I was flying to New York in two weeks and needed my passport ASAP. I got my passport two days before my flight! Whew!


This photo was taken right after I got my passport from Harry Hays! YAY! I was sooooo happy! Now, I am planning my trip to Europe, a trip that I wanted to do a long time ago but did not because I previously owned a Filipino passport which really puts a limit on where I can go (at least, if I did not want to bothered by going through the hassle of applying a tourist visa in every country I want to visit). Soooo happy to be Canadian!

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  1. Yay! So happy for you 🙂 Where do you plan to go in Europe? You will absolutely love it! <3

  2. Hi! I love the story. How did you apply for Canadian citizenship? Do you have heritage? Or have you lived in the country for a long time?

    Great Post! Cheers

  3. Hi Arielle! I am planning on going on a Contiki tour for ten days! So we will be going to France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, etc. I forgot the other places. Haha! I will also be staying in London for a few days 🙂 Do you live in Europe or have you been there?

  4. I live in Canada 😉 I have been to Europe quite a few times though! I visited France, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Italy <3

  5. Hello!! I move to Canada in 2008 with a permanent resident visa. I then waited for three years and live in Canada during that time before I could apply for my citizenship and then I waited for about a year and half before I was asked to take my citizenship test. And then about a month after my test, I did my oathtaking and got my passport two weeks after my oathtaking 🙂 Are you planning on applying??

  6. That’s awesome! What would you suggest for me to check out in France?? 🙂 And where in Canada do you live?

  7. It really depends in which city you are going! There are so many things to visit depending if you are in Paris, in Nice, in Toulouse etc. I live in Montreal, you?

  8. I am going to Paris! I’m from Calgary but moved further up north in a small town called Grimshaw for a job. 😛 Do you travel often?

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