Swim with dolphins at Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay, Philippines

11 copy When I went home to the Philippines in 2011, the family went to Subic’s Ocean Adventure. We watched all the shows but we did not swim with the dolphins. So, I promised my cousins that when I go back to the Philippines next time, I would make sure that we do and so in 2013, we finally did!

It was a dream come true. We left Pangasinan at 6 in the morning, and we arrived in Subic at 9 am. We did not know that we should have reserved a slot for the swim with the dolphin activity so I was nervous that there might not be any slot open for us. Luckily, there was a 9:45 am slot available for us.

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The entrance fee is different from the swimming with the dolphin activity fee. We were guided to a room where we could change into our swimming outfits. Anything with a zipper is not allowed as it could potentially hurt the dolphins.

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We were lead to the place where we met Hali, the dolphin. We were to go swimming with her one by one. We were instructed to hold onto her pectoral fins as she made her way to the other side. It was the most surreal thing that has ever happened to me. It was amazing to be able to finally swim with a dolphin.

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The dolphin trainer told us more about dolphins in general and more facts about Hali. A funny thing happened while he was educating us, Hali pooped in front of us! Hehe. He also showed us some of Hali’s tricks and we had a lot of photo opportunities.

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We were also given the chance to dance with her and it was the most fun part of the activity, at least for me. I get to wrap my legs around her as I hold on to her fins and try not to fall off as she spins around as fast as she could. I could not stop laughing the entire time.

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The guy who lead us to the place where we would do the activity was also kind enough to take videos from my own camera. All the staff of Ocean Adventure were actually really nice and professional.

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This has truly been one of the best things that has happened to me in my life and I would definitely do it again. It is more than just being able to say that I checked something off my bucket list but because I felt like I am more connected to nature and the universe after that. It may sound weird or deep but really, being human is not that special and that we are one with nature and all that dwells in it.

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Expenses: (My estimated budget was $650 or approx. Php 26, 000.) Php 16,000+ (approx. $400) for four people for both the entrance fee and swimming with the dolphin fee. Php 500 (approx. $12.50) for every 10 photos you buy from the activity. Food for everyone for the whole day Php 1, 500 (approx. $37.50), Gas Php 2,000 (approx. $50), Driver Php 1, 200 (approx. $30) Verdict: Stayed on budget!

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Planning a visit? Check out http://www.oceanadventure.com.ph

(Photo credit: Ocean Adventure)

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  1. This is one of the best adventures that you can do in the Philippines. Such a nice experience to swim with the dolphins,and enjoy the salty water. I can feel the happiness with everyone.
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