I guess this is my official blog post of me welcoming you, fellow internet buddy. I know that I am just new with this travel blogging and most of the first few posts I will be writing about will be from trips I have done in the past but I promise you that they will be exciting and useful to you.

I would try to give as much detail as possible such as the expenses of every hotel, activity, flight, etc. I would also, from time to time, add in some trivia I have gathered from different sources either from the tour guide, a local, a book, or the internet. If contact information is available, I would also provide that in my posts.

So…why name my blog jusztravel?

Well, my name is Justine and some friends in high school gave me the nickname Jusz and that is where “jusz” came from. I like the name “jusztravel” because whenever I feel happy, depressed, poor, or rich, I always tell myself to go somewhere new to either celebrate or wallow in misery. Actually, I just need any excuse to travel.

Why the tagline one city at a time?

I have this feeling that when people hear the word “travel”, they always automatically think to travel far, far away. What they do not realize is that new and exciting can just be a few steps away from their doorstep. Maybe there is something new and exciting going on a few blocks away, or in another town, or in the next city.

Besides, wherever you are in the world, I am pretty sure that there are someone out there who dreams to visit your place. Consider yourself lucky that you have access to places and sights that other people are dying to visit. Sometimes, we ignore the beautiful sights in our own city, state, province, and country because we are so used to it. However, what we do not realize is that if we change our view from that of a local to that of a traveler/tourist, we would see the place where we live in in a new perspective.

Another thing is that it does not cost a lot of money to visit the next town, city, or state. It could be a weekend trip, too! (no need to worry about taking time to leave work)

I, for example, live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I could visit one of the must-see places in Canada which is Banff National Park or Lake Louise which is about an hour or two drive away. It would cost me gas money plus a single-day pass for about $20 while other people have to spend a lot of money for flights and accommodations.

Once you are done exploring that city close to yours that you have never visited in your life, choose another city. Each town and city is different from each other even if, let’s say, they are located in the same state or province.

Being a photographer taught me to look at the beauty in everything and I know that it could be frustrating at times. My professors and instructors in school always challenged us to photograph something so simple in different angles using different lenses to see different perspectives. I think I have applied that in my life in general.

Eventually, visiting a new city every time adds up, and in the end you will be surprised that you have actually traveled very far.

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  1. OMG, are we twins or just kindred spirits? Our blogs have pretty much the same goals and aims, about adventure not only far but also near, which is so cool. And as if that wasn’t enough, I’m from Calgary too! So awesome. Looking forward to more posts from you Justine!! Keep in touch!

  2. Wow! That is pretty amaaaziingg! I checked out your website and I’m jealous that you are going to Hong Kong soon! It’s been a long time since I was there! I was 15 when I went there! Haha. I bet so much have changed. Maybe you could squeeze in a trip to the Philippines while you’re in Asia. I’d suggest go to Boracay island, it has sand as white and fine as powder!

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