Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America

Escaping Canadian winter is almost always something Canadians ask for in life. In the winter of 2012 to 2013, my dad brought the whole family to Hawaii for a two-week vacation (four days in Oahu and ten days in the Big Island). Once again, the Kimoden family did not have to celebrate a white christmas.

At first, I was not excited to be in Hawaii but everything changed during the trip.

The family flew with Delta airline. The trip felt like forever. It was about a five hour flight from San Francisco to Honolulu and we were in this airplane that has definitely seen better days. There was only one huge TV in front and the show was not even interesting. There was no food served but I think that is typical in airlines from North America. Airlines from Asia usually serve food on flights that are five hours long.

I spotted this cool dude as we were on our way to the hotel.
I spotted this cool dude on our way to the hotel.

The first thought that came to mind as our plane landed in Honolulu International Airport, was that the ┬áit was warm and humid. The interior of the airport made me feel like I was in an old house (similar to that of my grandparents’ old house) and not in an airport.

Aahhh. Honolulu is one of my favourite cities!
Aahhh. Honolulu is one of my favourite cities!

The first thing I noticed when we left the airport was that Hawaii looks a lot like the Philippines! Most of the buildings, houses and trees resemble those in the Philippines.


I have always love being in a city because I love big crowds and the fact that there is a variety of restaurants and shopping malls. I am a big fan of people watching, eating and shopping.

Waikiki is my second favourite beach in the whole wide world next to Boracay Island, Philippines
Waikiki is my second favourite beach in the whole wide world next to Boracay Island, Philippines. (photo credit: either my dad or my brother)

I do love being in the beach as well (as long as the beach is not freezing cold like the ones in Canada).

That is probably the reason why I fell in love with Honolulu! It has the best of both worlds! The beach is just a few minute walk away from the restaurants and shopping malls!

Hustle and bustle is the way to go!


The most popular store in Honolulu is the ABC store. There is one in every corner and just a few steps away from each other. ABC store sells almost everything from food and drinks to souvenirs and beach necessities such as beach towels, beach balls, sunscreen, etc.

There are also a lot of buskers on the street and other types of entertainment especially at night.

Planning a visit? Check out http://www.gohawaii.com/oahu


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  1. My brother works for ABC!

    And my wife and I were just in Hawaii too. (I am originally from there.)

    And I’m trying to see if I recognize the streets in your photo … one looks like its at the corner of Kaiulani and Kuhio in Waikiki (3rd photo down).

    Glad you had a good time there.

  2. Hi Rainy Writer! I think you might be right! I do not really remember as it was about two years ago when I went and we were only there for 4 days.

    Anyways, where do you live now? You are so lucky to have been from Hawaii! I love that place!

  3. I live in Washington now.

    You are in … Canada? (I noticed something about cold Canada winters in your blog post.)

  4. I am from Canada! I am from Calgary, Alberta. ­čÖé Don’t tell me you live in Seattle, Washington… I love it there, too!

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